Are these root primordia?

Are these reddish-pink spots on my G.969 rootstocks root primordia? And if so, should I do anything to avoid causing an issue with burr-knots when I graft (hopefully in a couple weeks).

I know that Geneva roots are selected to not form burr knots, but there isn’t a lot of info out there on G.969.

I came by these as an addendum to an order with Cummins last year, and they were planted out in a strawberry bed last summer. We are redoing the strawberry bed this spring and to get a skid-loader in and out the rootstocks had to move.

I dunno, but interesting. Could you maybe twist tie a small piece of damp sponge or cloth on one of them for a bit and see what happens? You know, in the name of discovery?

I have to say, it looks like it to me.