Are these roots bad news?

Hi, all, newbie here. I am putting in a few apples for the first time this year and have just received my order of bareroot trees from a well-regarded nursery. One of them (Enterprise on Bud.9) has noticeably knobby roots. It’s also the heftiest tree in the bunch, for whatever that’s worth. Does this look like disease (e.g., galls) to you? And if so, how worried should I be about the other trees that look ok but were wrapped in the same bag of wet sawdust? I realize disease comes with the territory of growing fruit, but am working with such a tiny amount of space, and of course want to get off to a good start. Thanks in advance for your insights! IMG_7813|690x920

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That looks like crown gall. Send the nursery a picture and ask them for a replacement tree. Or your money back and try another supplier.