Are Those Russian Olive?

The vacant lot near me has about 5 acres. It has been quickly taken over by a bunch of invasive shrubs. I think they are Russian Olive?

All things grow wild here, tree honeysuckles, red cedar, barberry and a lot others…


If your asking for a Elaeagnus species id I can’t be sure. But if in a week or two you should see flowers that look like this. And a rather nice floral smell. Identifying the specific species is tricky but the common ones Elaeagnus commutata is native to the US and Canada. Goumi Elaeagnus multiflora will ripen in june and are unlikely to have spread. Autumn Olive Elaeagnus umbellata and Rusian Olive Elaeagnus angustifolia) ripens in the fall. another species I forget which one will ripen in the middle of winter if you have the right climate. If you like the fruit you could have almost a perpetual harvest planting the right species.

I am growing goumi’s my self and they are just going into bloom.


I would say autumn olive


Yes, I forgot the autumn olive. Here is a photo from the web. Same as the first photo I posted. They grow so quickly…


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Yes , grow quickly .!
Have become a major pest around here.

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I just recalled an article I quoted a couple months ago on some farmer using autumn olive to fix the soil and providing shelter to wild life…

That area was a farm land. In a couple of years, it is neglected and it becomes a deer paradise. I have to cut down all of those coming to my property.

They don’t look like Russian olive, foliage is green, what we have is more blue/gray

They are a horrible weed, covering hundreds of acres locally. The dense stands provide cover for deer, birds. But a HORRIBLE WEED.
Oh and when they bloom the would be pleasant scent is nauseatingly strong. Rant over

The best smell is vine honeysuckle. We get plenty in the woods. Really strong in early evening when taking a walk in the summer.

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Did you happen to note when the field was in bloom or the berries turned ripe?

I have not been back. That field is now filled with all of them. So dense. Scary. Deer sure loves that field.