Arizona Nectarine

A quick shot from Easter Sunday. Arctic Star and Snow Queen have set well this year.


Hmm, funny you can get set and Eric can’t. Those look nice!!

I just sent my brother-in-law a Snowqueen nect on Citation as a wedding gift. He will be growing it in a pot in southern California.

By the way-- This tree came from Ison’s of Georgia. Very nice tree.


My Arctic Star fruit set sucked. Some thrip damage too on the few that set.

Arctic star did set about a dozen for us this year, so did Sun Red. Pretty pathetic for trees that are big enough to hold at least 80 or so fruit.

I had about 50 set on one tree alone. I’ve had good success with them here with the exception of Double Delight, so I’m not certain what we’re doing differently.

We have a large double delight in the ground for 5 years now. I dont think we have ever gotten more than 2-3 pieces of fruit off it a year. Its getting topworked as soon as I can get to it.

Well that’s not good. I planted a double delight this spring. :confounded: