Arkansas Black


Nice to have a local orchard of high quality fruit at a reasonable price. I bought these at Mountain View Orchard in Jemison Alabama. If you are ok with a little tartness like I am they are great right from the tree. Bill

Nice. I planted one of those in my yard on G-41 last fall. It tried to flower this spring and grew a lot. I picked off the flowers. Can’t wait until this time next year. I hope it holds up under the fireblight pressure down here.

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I wish I could try one. The skin reminds me of the way paint cracks and chips off antique woodwork.

Barry, I hope the AB on G41 is well supported. I was just playing with g41 in the nursery that grew up off a failed graft. it snaps like a dry twig when bent.

It’s on a 10’ T-post driven 2.5 ft into the ground. Seems sturdy but I’ll have to wait and see what happens when the tree is loaded (if that ever happens). I’ve got a mini tall spindle thing going.

Growth was excellent, but there is a lot of blind wood on these trees. I need to try some notching above the buds next spring to get more branches. I’m a total greenhorn trying to figure it out and soaking up as much as I can from this board.

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Auburn, isn’t Jemison where Petals from the Past is located? Dr. Arlie Powell is an impressive guy. I set up my blackberry trellis like they do - training/pruning to two horizontal wires. It should produce for the first time next spring. I’d like to get some dwarf satsumas from them for my yard. Man those AR Black look great.

I thought Arkansas Black was a storage apple–rock hard fresh off the tree–that needed about a month before it became optimally edible.

These apples are the hardest that I have ever tried to peel. I peeled one at the orchard and was pleasantly surprised that it was already sweet with the level of tartness I like. On other occasions they have not been as good. Dr Powell (Petals/Auburn Professor) once told me that if you let this variety stay on the tree longer they will sweeten up. It is easy to see why they are referred to being as hard as a rock. Bill

Petals is located in Jemison. Petals and Mountain View Orchard are right across the road from each other. Bill

I would share a few with you but I can’t reach zone 6 from zone 7b. Bill

Bill, that’s a mighty beautiful bucket of apples. What a pretty apple that is. I’d love to try one, they sound great.

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A pair of fun videos about Arkansas Black:

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