Army worms

We are being overrun by army worms this year. The pastures and yard are both covered with them. I plan on spraying permethrin but I was wondering if there is anything better I can use on them. I will have to move the horses and cattle when I spray. They are so bad if we don’t spray they will eat all the grass.

i remember when they defoliated all the trees here in the N.East back in the early 80’s. there were so many on the train tracks and on the roads the trains needed sand on the tracks to move and people had a hard time staying on the roads. was nasty!

Many farmers here use sevin, but it does have a 14 day grazing and haying restriction. They use it on their hay fields.

Thanks, I can move the horses and cattle around to keep them out until it is time. They are moving through the area and eating everything in their path.

Looks like I am finally getting them slowed down. I talked to an old rancher here and he recommended spraying pool shock. I sprayed a combination of that and liquid sevin and it is killing them. Most of the other poisons I could spray would have been expensive. The one a lot of people up there used was $275 a gallon.

I did talk to cattleman that also runs a feed store. He said that Sevin has gone up in cost and they were using Lambda-cyhalothrin. It is expensive per gallon but you only need 3 oz of chemical per acre. I did not check the label but it might be something to consider in the future. Army worms are bad again this year.

Yes people I talked to said this is one of the worst years for them they ever seen. I finally got them stopped before they completely stripped my pastures and was able to keep them out of my garden. I have about 3-4 acres of black eyed peas ready to pick. I didn’t need them wiping them out