Aronia from seed


Those would make great pear bushes and are graft compatable.


Did you do anything to the seeds to get them ready to germinate?


i just kept them in a small container in water for a few months, in the fridge.



I saw a video saying to change the water daily. That’s too much trouble. Did you ever change the water? Did you add anything to the water?


at first I changed the water a couple times, every 2 weeks or so, because I think there was enough nutrients to cause some bacterial growth. When I would change the water I would strain the seeds out and them dump them on a paper towel and fold it in half and kinda rub the seeds a bit to get any slime off of them that had formed. I also used tap water that has some cloramine in it which should help keep bacteria away. After I did that a couple times I just left them until I took them out and planted them. I only planted about half the seeds I had and I checked the remaining seeds a couple days ago and some are starting to sprout in the water now, but I have more of this variety of aronia than I need so they will probably go to waste.


Your are much better than me at this. So far after 3 weeks 0 seeds that where stratified in water have germinated. Some were refrigerated in seed starting mixture and they germinated but they were so week that I lost most of them to wind and rain. I should have kept them inside under lights.
This tiny one is just coming up:

and this one has such a thin stem that I added some sand to hold it up:


They are tiny seeds, seedlings are delicate. Ive got seedlings going of the varieties I got from that govt seed warehouse now, seem to be doing well but they were started late, only 1 more month or so till we start getting frosts so Im not sure how they will do through the winter, might need to keep them in a cool area of my heated garage once they are dormant, ND winters outside can be a bitch! Ill post pics soon for those interested.


I should have 2 more months before frost. I’ll definitely will keep them in my unheated garage this winter.