Aronia from seed


might be too early, but I’m bored today!
might b to much osmocote, well see!


Viking aronia and others are sterile. Wanted to let you know in case you didn’t before you put to much into the project.


well wouldn’t that be the berries! haha. no idea what kind of aronia these are. got the berries from a friends bushes. the seeds have been soaking in the fridge since they were harvested…


If you need Viking cuttings just let me know and I’ll send you some.


yeah i might… hardwood work for prop? i rooted some cuttings last summer from friends bushes also but not sure they will survive the winter. they didn’t have much time to harden off last fall outside.


I have several acres of exceptional aronias so just let me know and i can go get the hardwood cuttings when I collect scion wood. I grow McKenzie and Viking. If you want wild reds I think I may still have a couple around but I don’t recommend wild aronia. You could graft some wood to a pear temporarily and get more cuttings later if you need to.


nice, do u harvest all those aronia? use a mechanical picker? what do u use them for? how old r they and how large do they get? I’ve got some land now but not sure what i should plant. no one really growing fruit around here commercially…


Yes they are a cash crop and are purchased by wineries, breweries, and juice companies. A friend picks and delivers most of them.


u grow other fruit commercially? what do aronia sell 4 around there? do u irrigate?


I’m considered a commercial pear and blackberry grower as well technically. There is a fine line between hobby and professional and I’ve sold very few pears and blackberries. I’m working on getting better at it. I’m going to grow more things commercially but I’ve got to make sure I’m good at it first. Here is the aronia harvest which I know you looked at before but its been awhile Aronia Harvest. I grow hay , have been a dirt farmer etc. . I’ve raised poultry and other things historically.


started coming up 2 days ago…



debating if i should transplant today or give them another week of growth. getting fairly crowded now…


100 plus a few transplanted…




This is awesome… they look great. I’d really like to hear some experiences as to how seedlings generally compare to the cultivars. I wonder if they come relatively true to type? I’ve got some 100 ‘Galicjanka’ and ‘Viking’ but this year decided to order 50 seedlings from Iowa DNR… I wonder how much different they will be. Good Luck!


I’ve been told that aronia are true to seed so there shouldn’t be a lot of variation. these are from ‘mackenzie’ parents. i don’t think there is a lot of variation between varieties, most at least.


didn’t expect these to take off like they have. tray on left had osmocote mixed into coir, right didn’t. both being given megacrop fertilizer. osmocote definitely helping. gonna wish i had waited a month or two before planting i think…


If those are from mackenzie they are excellent. I prefer viking only slightly better but the differences are minimal.


these have been growing like crazy and should be transplanted probably…

they r getting a bit too much light now i think… i turned the lights down a bit and boosted cal-mag supplement.