ARS Sharpening Stone

I bought an ARS sharpening stone from Amazon and I really like it. One side is curved which makes it easy to get to the blades on shears or loppers without taking them apart. Its great for “touching up” the blades after a few hours of heavy pruning.

I have tried other brands but the $15 ARS is my favorite.

Anybody else have a favorite sharpening stone or method for keeping the loppers sharp?


I use a Corona sharpener. It works very well.

I was thinking of getting the ARS stone too. I think maybe for loppers, a regular straight stone would work? Not sure? Mine do need sharpening, a few years old.

What I find extremely useful is the ARS lubrication spray. It cleans the gunk off, and keeps blades from rusting. My ARS pruners are three years old, and except for a couple times cleaned them after every use.


That’s the one I have. Someone bought it for me (musta noticed how dull my pruners were). Anyway some how I wound up with a holster that even holds one of these.

Very convenient for sharpening.

This is another one I use as well.

Drew, do you know what the cleaning agent is? Some reviews say not to get it on your skin. Wondering if other sap solvents work.

No, it appears to be an oil. I have not had any reactions to it, it is something I have little concern over myself. Motorkote is also an excellent product for lubrication. It doesn’t really clean well, but will keep blades sharp longer. I use it for chain saws, makes them cut like a hot knife through butter.After 5 minutes of use though it is gone. Still, it gives me 5 minutes of great cutting with no wear to the blades.
Also great for any metal lubrication. Ever have a sticky sliding door? Motorkote will keep it sliding for months and months at a time. The best lubricant I ever used. Great for your car engine too! I love it for my bike chain as no oil buildup, then dust sticking to the grease like oil, that is not of any concern to me anymore using motorkote, It’s clear, does not collect dirt ever. Bonds with the metal. Once a year is good.

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Those guys should really change their name. And please call it blade cleaner :innocent:

I used my new ARS last night and tried cleaning the gunk off with WD-40 which had no effect. I then tried Simple Green and it worked great. Afterwards I oiled the blades with air tool oil and they look like new. I don’t know if this is an ideal way to clean them but the simple green was steller.

LOL! You know it’s my dirty mind that called it lub! I think they do call it blade cleaner, but even that…

My only concern is putting a water based product on it, the screws and other nooks and crannies could rust. Goo gone may work too. And it is an oil, not water based.
But I must say cleaning it is what all should do, with whatever you can use.

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Drew, those pruners are way to pretty.

Yes they are! I love them, still extremely sharp, I don’t need that stone just yet! Nicest blade I have, it doesn’t get dull very easily.

They look sharp!

I bought some ARS pruners after reading about them here. They hold a edge better than any pruner I have seen. They smoke the Felcos I used for 30 years. Nothing like the ARS for making lots of cuts on pencil size fruiting wood on peaches. My hand no longer hurts after a week of pruning.

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Yes, Alan was a huge advocate, and he’s right on. Mine cut well, and never seem to dull. They really do not need sharpening after 3 years. I don’t own an orchard though!
Now my other brand loppers are very dull about now. I do need to sharpen them. I was just going to use a regular stone, but have not tried yet.
I feel with ARS it is wise to use their stone as the steel is very different than other blades.The stone is meant to sharpen that hard of a steel.

The Japanese make great stuff. I used to burn a lot of CDR’s and the Japanese ones are now 20 years or more old and work great! So glad I discovered the fact they make the best. Some other CDR’s have oxidized. And they beat the Swiss for blades too. I have an item marked Made in Occupied Japan, a music box. It might be worth a lot? Japan used to mean cheap, certainly not anymore!

Drew, don’t make me go out and buy another pair of pruners.

What model are they?? :grinning:

ARS VS-8 is on them. I could use a pair that has a slightly longer handle. My wife though can use these easily too. And it’s not really a problem. The lock still works too! That is one flaw they have, it breaks easily I guess? Or slips, so far mine is fine. I don’t use the lock all the time, only really when pruning. I do like that you can use one hand to pull out and put away. I leave them open most of the time, maybe why it still works?
It’s probably this one

If you want to spend even more

I was trying some alternatives to cleaning pruners today like paint thinner, goof off, desgreaser, etc. Nothing was working very well. I know Simple Green works but in the past it didn’t get all the sap. This time I put straight Simple Green in a cup with pruners then waited 5 minutes. Took them out and they wiped perfectly clean.

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You mean Simple Green All purpose cleaner?