Arugula - I think I don't like it

I started some arugula inside to have something fresh and green in my salad. It came up very well, and a week after planting I decided to thin it to use in my salad. I cut it and my husband that was near me suddenly asked - what is that smell? I sniffed the cutting board and didn’t like the smell at all. I ended up throwing what I already cut in the trash. After dinner I took one plant out to figure out what I didn’t like in the smell… Root smells like radish, OK. But leaves… Something well known and unpleasant… Suddenly it hit me - skunk! It smells like skunk! I am not sure if the plant is just too young and smell will change later, but as of now, I debating if I should just throw it away right now…

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I’ve grown arugula and never experienced that - I hope you give it another chance, because it makes a nice early addition to your salads. Unless, of course, it smells like skunk!


That grows like weeds here. The flavour is strong but we love it on salads or in soups. It’s very healthy!


Happy to see I’m not the only one who associates arugula with skunk smell! I think it may just be a case of people being sensitive to different chemicals. I enjoy strong greens so it surprised me as well.


So, the smell is not changing as the plant matures?

I am not the biggest fan of arugula but I have to give it credit where its due. On a burger with some bluecheese(or bc dresing) is great.

As for the smell it doesn’t bother me but we are fans of pungent herbs in my home.


Arugula is amazing i will put this in the same category as people who hate on cilantro! (this will get you some defenders for sure!)


My wife grows it. I don’t like it on my salads, but never have told her. She’s too happy with her aeroponic garden for me to complain.


No, store bought is usually milder homegrown is pungent, I love it myself. The smellier the better! I understand some herbs I won’t touch. I hate mustard too, well I can eat it, just prefer not to. I will though and used a spice it’s fine. On a burger no way!

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Welcome to the club. I can’t stand the stuff. Extremely bitter. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I love it, it reminds me the smell of wild ones when I was a kid.

arugula is packed with good stuff, which is unfortunate since it is a vegie that you can’t introduce to a 2 yr old without traumatizing the kid…


I dont like it either and besides bittermelon and mustard greens I can’t think of any other veggies I don’t like. I wish I did!

when i was a kid, bittermelon greens(and bittermelon itself) and mustard greens were absolutely horrid to me, not sure what taste-bud switch was turned on(or off) that now i actually eat both in large amounts, and find them palatable.

arugula is a different matter. Even though i can eat lots of it, i still don’t find it palatable. (am sure many who think arugula is palatable is thinking i need to ‘grow up’ further, lol)


Taste buds grow callouses as you get older!



i guess my callouses need to further evolve into bunions :rofl:


We love strong arugula. Put a pile of it on a slice of pizza with some olive oil and a sprinkle of salt. It tastes great and you can pretend the pizza is healthy.


For those of you that dont like arugula what about all the spring greens?

I like green garlic :yum:

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Well that makes good sense, I was more wondering about the mesclun lettuces and other bitter spring greens like dandelion, chicory, endive, turnips etc…