Asian / European plum grafting compatibility

Yes, nice work, graft healed well. If it fruits next spring make sure you put a splint on to support the fruit load first year. It’s not too aggressive so the wind make not break it, but if you have many birds around you should tie on a higher bird perch anchored to the tree trunk below graft.


I have my Greengage plum tree. So I won’t let the grafting scion bears fruit early. The cherry plum you grafted on my Nadia had one yellow fruit but it gone now maybe squirrel or bird took it. Growing very healthy, hopefully will have more fruits next year @DennisD .

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Hi Vincent,
Did the cherry plum blossom at same time as Nadia or any others you have? My main goal was to give you a pollinator high on your tree. The fruits are not so great but the variety has a long profusion blossoms period that should help others to produce more.


Very simple question here. I have an Emerald Beauty which is a pluot, I’m thinking of grafting E. Plums and J. plums. Can I do it? I’m debating in getting rid of the tree, so far it has only 2 flower buds.

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I have grafted pluots, plumcots and other interspecific /hybrids on to plum trees with no issue. I assume it should be OK, the other way around, too.


Just jumping on to this old thread.

As a backyard gardener I find it a bit frustrating by the language commonly used when it comes to pollination.

It’s so often stated X won’t pollinate Y, but it doesn’t state why. Timing of bloom is perhaps the usual reason behind the statement, but to me I’d never use the word ‘won’t’ or ‘can’t’ without staring why. It’s so imprecise.

It’s not that most European plums and Japanese plums can’t cross pollinate, it simply a bloom issue from what I understand.

Fruit tree breeders regularly collect and store pollen for many months and successfully hand pollinate from that…

I’m not saying there may not be some true incompatibilities between some European and Asian plums…

I’ve always hated imprecise wording when it comes to science. It’s just as easy to state the why than simply saying the don’t.


Hi Dennis
Your cherry plum blooming probably 1 week after Nadia. But it’s ok because Nadia bloom last very long almost a month so it helps for sure. My sweet treat and Catalina plum nearby also. I will pay more attention exactly when for next year. Anyway Nadia has not much fruit this year. My Catalina plum first time has 2 fruits and the tree growing upright and very much very clean from diseases. If you would like some scions in early Spring let me know. Its fruits very good size changing color now. Picture below @DennisD


Hi Vincent
Today we tried our first Sweet Treat Pluery from your scions, and it certainly was the best we have among all! Thanks so much for the introduction and your scions!
Kent, wa


Happy you like Sweet treat. Hopefully you have more fruit next year. Thank you for the report Dennis.

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Emerald Beaut is a plum, not a pluot but it is a wonderful fruit if you can wait for it to start fruiting. It ripens quite late so extends the Prunus harvest.


What a great post. Just the kind of thing this forum is great for.

Since there are ever so many varieties of fruit trees out there, it will only be possible to report out compatibility on varieties that we have tried.

As spine may have read, I was at first looking to get some Lovell and graft several stone fruit to it, including some low chill cherries using adara interstem.

I’ve now changed to Rootpac-R since I was able to obtain some as I think for my conditions it is the best I can do.

I will report out over the coming years what I graft to this rootstock and how it does. It will be a small subset of compatibility but every little bit helps.

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I just wanted to add my overall impressions from last year’s plum grafting. I did too many grafts to list everything, so I’ll simply post my best and worst overall results.

Elephant heart Japanese plum was by far the plum that was most readily accepted on pretty much every tree I grafted it to. From my recollection I grafted EH to many other Japanese plum trees with pretty near 100% success. I used both cleft grafts and chip budding with EH, and all took and grew very vigorously. I also grafted EH to apricot and nectarine successfully. EH also took and grew very vigorously on several seedling Euro plum rootstock. I was basically amazed by how well EH took on almost any tree I tried grafting it onto.

On the opposite on of the scale was my Prunus Nigra (Canadian wild plum) graft attempts. Canada plum is similar to your American plum, but for some reason it seemed I couldn’t get it to take on any Japanese plum tree that I wanted to graft it onto as a pollenizer. I didn’t do that many Canada plum grafts, but I don’t think any of them took. It was the only plum variety that I would consider a failure grafting last year.

My takeaway would be if you’re new to grafting and want to learn, start with grafting Elephant heart plum. EH is a top notch plum, and it seems pretty near foolproof when it comes to grafting. At least that was my overall impression from doing many grafts using EH last year.


Here’s my update for grafts made in 2021 if I haven’t posted(can’t find it, sorry😁).
With satsuma interstem:

Scions that grafted successfully but didn’t fruit as of 2023 season:

Scions grafted that fruited in 2023
-green gage
-northern sunset

Failed graft:
-Santa Rosa


Vincent, is the Greengage grafted onto J plum still doing well? I keep finding information stating E plum can not be grafted over J plum, yet members here seem to have done so with success. Yours looks like a nice healthy graft. Keep us updated. Thank you and Dennis for all the info in this thread

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Hi Ana. The graft just for testing. It worked well for me. I have the green gage plum tree so I didn’t like to keep it. I trimmed all off before Winter. You should try grafting. It’s very interesting @Ana

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@Ana i also grafted my Very cherry plum seedling onto my Seneca plum. It’s working out very well either. The test proving Japanese plum can graft onto European plum as well.

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You don’t like Seneca?

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@murky i removed both of my Seneca. One from Raintree and big one over 10 ft from Flower world nursery. They had only few fruits every year and the fruit were big and tasting very bland to me. It wasn’t very sweet as information said. Do you have or tasted any Seneca yet Jafar?

I did! I put a few E. Plums and a J. Plum on a Santa Rosa (j?). I also grafted them on some volunteer peach seedlings that grew last summer. Time will tell. Hopefully the freeze tonight does not kills them.

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