Asian pear flowering twice

Hey guys, today I noticed that my asian pear kosui which already flowered 2 months ago just started flowering again. (I thought no unopened buds were left)
Have you ever seen something like that or is it even common?



Yes I’ve seen this those are called rat tail blooms and may happen on pears throughout the growing season. Though it’s not common keep in mind some pears like collete bloom ever bearing throughout the season setting crops of pears. Those late blooms attract diseases such as fireblight is the downside.

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Then I am gonna get rid of them, thanks for the info!

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I’ve had cherries bloom again late in the year…I never checked to see what the cause was but I imagine it’s a nutrient imbalance in the soil? I imagine if it got cold in the fall and then heated up again, maybe the unstable weather could trick the tree into blooming again