Asian pears 2nd round thinning

Too many fruits for the branches to handle.




2nd Home Depot buckets already


Your dream come true!!!:yum:

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Awesome! Do you spray your pears?

One sprayed early in the season with Spectrazide Once and Done. I then thinned out most of the ones with PCs bite marks.


One spray of Triazicide has not stopped PC, OFM, coddling moth or stink bugs in my yard. Not even two sprays. Bagging and Surround have saved me.

This was my 4th round. I thought round 3 a couple of weeks ago was the last one. Somehow, fairies per @thecityman’s theory, put many back on the trees :smile:

Took about 200 of 20 Century + Korean Giant and 70 of Gold Rush off today. Gold Rush inside zip locked bags were clean.

I am resting now and will go out to take off more Honey Crisp. This will be it for me this year on thinning. At this point, I just want to save the trees from branch breaking and to improve size and quality of the remaining fruit.


I saved some young plums that I have thinned out in June. My wife did a batch of young plums pickling and they turned out good.

If those are your culls, I suspect you are going to have some amazing fruit this year!!! Wow.

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