Asian Pears are Gritty

Do Asian Pears outgrow the grittiness? I have a couple that seem to have a lot of dimples where the grit lies. Should I top graft or wait?


Those dimples could be caused by stinkbug feeding damage. There is normally some malformed, calloused tissue underneath when I cut through the dimples. Kill the stinkbugs and solve your grittiness if that’s the case.


That is also my experience. No stinkbug no grit.


Thanks. I am trying to stay organic and as soon as I start getting pawpaw fruits will look at making an insecticide.


Anyone use the traps with good results. Rescue and Dead-Inn? Aluminum pan with dish soap and light used overnight?


Yes the pawpaw can be used as an insecticide. By looking at the fruit you already are aware of that. Some pawpaw are cleaner than others but most are totally clean fruits. Botanical Insecticide

Bagging would be a very effective and organic way to stop stinkbugs.

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