Asian pears for humid zone 7a/6b - suggestions please


I’m in Maryland zone 6b/7a. It gets humid here, too. I’m a novice and through this site have learned that the taste of Asian pear (maybe all fruit?) changes based on the zone it’s grown in. I have already searched for Asian pears and read the post on this site. From that I concluded Korean giant is a winner for me. But I’d like to plant 1-2 more Asian pears and am trying to decide. Any help would be great appreciated. I tend to like complex flavors as opposed to just sweetness.

Anyone in a humid zone 6b/7a growing Asian pears that can share their experience? Im considering the following but open to other options:

Hosui - I was leaning towards this but see mixed reports on this on taste and fireblight resistance. Some say great taste and good resistance others and elsewhere online say poor taste and/or fireblight resistance.


Daisu li


Shin li

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‘Shinsui’ is not only tasty, yet also has a complex flavor, one of the very best you can find with both.

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I’m in Baltimore area. Hosui gave me a huge crop last year that people enjoyed. I was getting requests for pears this season. But this year it got hit with pear rust (i don’t spray) and squirrels. Also some minor fireblight strikes. We’ll see what happens with that next year.

I think you’re going to run the risk of fireblight issues with any Asian pear around here.

I don’t think there is a whole lot of difference on fireblight resistance amongst asian pears, at least from what I have seen. I don’t have a big problem with FB on any of my asian pears.

Hosui is an excellent pear for me, I just picked the last ones last night. It is sweet and aromatic. They take a long time to ripen and are not as good if picked early.

Kosui is also excellent, it is similar to Hosui in taste.

I had Shin-Li once upon a time, I found the flavor boring and removed it.

Korean Giant should be good, I have not had a good crop yet on mine but this year I should get a good taste as the tree is loaded.

I would also consider Chojuro, it has a rich butterscotch flavor when fully ripe. Overall it is my favorite this year as it gets the least amount of bug damage and rots. Bugs love to go after asian pears.

In general make sure to pick the pears late, some of the varieties yellow up early but they are not ready. Chojuro in particular you want to be a dark bronze color before picking. Drippin’ Honey is the only exception, it needs to be picked when there is a bit of green in the background. Its not doing good this year for me, either they are under-ripe or over-ripe.

PS here is a picture of last nights harvest:

The bronze ones are Chojuro, the speckled ones are Hosui, and the thick-stemmed mottled yellow-green ones are Drippin’ Honey.


My vote is for Hosui and Korean Giant. I am in the Philadelphia area, I believe 7b. I have seen zero fire blight strikes on the Hosui tree (the Korean Giant is grafted to the top of the Housi tree). Both pears are delicioius, ripen at different times, and will keep well in the fridge.

Housi this year.


Hosui, Drippin Honey, and Korean Giant would be my votes. They are all excellent and you’ll get a spread out harvest. I’m north of you in PA.

Which ones ripen first Hosui or Drippin Honey?
How many weeks apart?

I have Hosui and Korean Giant so I know they are over a month apart. Just wonder where DH fits in. My DH this year all got taken by animals.

Their ripening overlaps for me. I start picking Hosui around Aug 15-20 and it continues ripening through maybe the first week of September. Dripping Honey is starting to come in now and will extend through the 3rd week of September. Korean Giant starts coming in just as I’m done with Drippin Honey.