Asian pears harvested

I harvested these sweet and juicy Asian pears to prevent breakage of branches. Varieties are Mishirasu, Shinseiki, Chojoro and Shinko.



Tony, what now? What will happen to all of these beautiful pears?

I will give some to relatives, coworkers, and store some in the frig. I remembered last year that the Korea Giant could be stored for at least five months



That is amazing. Are you storing them in a ‘frost-free’ fridge?

That’s great to hear. Someday I hope I need an extra refrigerator to store apples and pears.

Your harvest is mouth wateringly lovely.

Great haul!

Yes, just a regular refrig. I still have a couple of hundreds pounds left on several trees even though I thinned them out like crazy.


Those look great, Tony. I just harvested my Asian pears this week. I had to pick them as some critter started picking them first. I have Shinko, Korean Giant, and “Drippin’ Honey” (which I’m sure is Mishirasu). I only got a few from each tree, but I thought the DH/Mishirasu was the best.

Wow! That’s a lot of pears, Tony!

Mine are still on the trees. I do not expect to harvest for at least a couple of weeks. I have Shen-Li and another with bronze skin…

Wowie zowie! That’s a lot of delicious pears! Bet it’s great being your friend, Tony!!

Good to hear it. I have drippin honey but has not flowered. I am expecting it fruit next year.

Congrats on the load of pears. To preserve more fruit than the fridge can hold, you can peel them, cut the ‘fillets’ into chunks, and store them in gallon freezer bags. When ready for a great smoothie, add some of the frozen sweet pear chunks to the frozen (or fresh) blueberries in the Vita-Mix machine. Very delicious in hot Summer. Or use strawberries, etc. Or for green veggie smoothies.

Wanted to revise this old thread from last year on Asian pears harvested to see how the harvests are coming a long this year. I had a few Asian pears that had a worm in them this year with no visible entrance area. 99% of the fruit from drippin honey was clean. We had a problem with blossom blast this spring that cleared up with a boron treatment. Anyone have Fireblight problems with Asian pears this year? I sprayed copper pre bloom. Antibiotics were sprayed to prevent bacteria entering the flowers. Mine seem ok. My fruit production is always dependant on what I did the previous year and the weather of course. I pick mine as careful as possible to try and avoid damaging fruit buds needed for next year. This year the trees are brittle and break very easily during picking due to the heavy rains during El Niño and now brutally hot dry weather.

Nice job Tony! Beautiful! I have a young Hosui tree- picked one fruit this year!