Asian Pears on Harbin rootstock

Someone has no doubt told me before but if @alan or @Lucky_P could remind me how big Asian pears get on harbin I would appreciate it. I’m guessing 20-30 feet. Anyone else have experience with them. Yes I’m growing them and trying to remember how big my ladder is going to need to be when they are full grown.

There has never been a rootstock that requires allowing any species of fruit tree I grow to be even 20’ tall, and Asian pears are naturally dwarfing so don’t even need a big tie down effort to stop them from reaching for the sky- you can do it all with your pruning tools. Harbin does allow you a larger tree than other rootstocks I’ve tried if you want it- but this is based on my experience with one Korean Giant tree on this rootstock. If I grafted my own trees to roots, I’d likely put all my Asians on Harbin based on this tree. I like the bit of added vigor.

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I would like them to get to be 20’ but I didn’t want to prune them once a week to get there if you know what I mean Alan. Ohxf are not as vigorous for Asian pears as I want them to be. I’m using BET and harbin this next time. The BET are still small so hopefully I can graft those next year.

I’m not even talking about with any summer pruning- here Asian pears spur up very young and behave once they become parents.


Thanks Alan that’s Excellent. Asian pears do that here as well on my current rootstocks. These harbin should work out nice.