At what age peaches start to flower?

It is not 5’, more like 4’ and it is it’s third leaf. I know that the parent tree was much taller in this age, but I will be pruning it, and if it outgrows the spot, it will have to go. I just needed a place to put it somewhere until it gives me a peach to try. If it is good, I may replant it back into my yard as my current peach getting old. If it is not, but stays small - it will be a decorative on my neighbor hill I maintain. Otherwise, it will have to go.

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I was thinking about this issue today, but in regards to plums, pluots, and apricots; perhaps stone fruits in general.
Some plums and pluots that I grafted onto rootstock last year have fruit buds/blooms. Wondering if I should let them carry fruit this year (assuming they make it through spring the without freezing). They are on St Julian and P. americana. Thoughts?

I’m not much of a plum person anymore. I’ve grown Euro and Asian plums. Asian/hybrid plums grow like peaches on St. Julian. Highly vigorous, so they can be fruited right away.

Euros are slower. They fruit more on spurs, so they generally won’t let you fruit them too early. With Euros, it’s the opposite. Instead of being afraid to fruit them too early, you hope to get them to form spurs and fruit before your kids leave the nest. :wink:


I found a Mt Royal on YouTube that was just loaded with awesome fruit… before I bought mine… it was a large tree though… much larger than mine are now.

Here are my two EU Plums.

Pollination should not be a problem… if they will ever bloom… patience grasshopper!


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Love it!! Yep, I planted hybrid plums and pluots for the kids. They like all the fruits I grow, but specifically asked me to try grow plums for them, which I had decided early on I wasn’t going to bother with. :upside_down_face: That makes me wonder if they just asked me to grow plums to keep me busy!!

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I think they are far from fruiting, they are too strait :smiley:. … They need to be “ugly crooked” to start flowering(spurs, as Olpea said :smiley:)

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Someone else will very likely eat the fruit from those… and all my stuff in a year or two. They will just have to wait for them to get ugly enough I guess…

I will be retiring in a few years, and the plan has always been to sell our BIG house and 10 acres, and all this stuff I have growing…

Build a new smaller more manageable retirement home, on some other land we own… or possibly even move to another City and buy or buy and build.

When I do that, I will get to start all over again growing stuff… and will remember this test of patience with Eu Plums… may not try them again… but who knows. I just have to grow stuff, lots of stuff. It’s in my blood.

Hard to beat Strawberries, Raspberries, Figs, possibly even Mulberries, if you need some good fruit fast… and some Blackberries too… have not tried the floricane fruting types yet, don’t think they would do well in TN (with our very hot summers, fall, at time)… but in year 2 can get a good first crop.

That is one reason I was really hoping for some Eu Plum blooms this year… will probably be my last chance at those.

On the bright side my Lapins Cherry did have about 20 blooms on it this year… my first chance at those too. Perhaps some of them will make it.

Per Nashville NC5… the next 3 nights 31 28 33 going to be close.



That’s sad… We are going back and force on buying a farm with land, but retirement is close enough and our current place is just perfect for it, so no chicken for me. :chicken: