At what age peaches start to flower?

I have a volunteer peach tree(should I say bush?) that came up in spring of 2019 and it showed some definite dwarf characteristic. I replanted it to my neighbor hill I maintain as flower garden. It now looks like a well developed tree with four main branches that have enough secondary growth. But it is under 4’ high. I decided that if peaches are not good it could be a nice flowering tree/bush. The problem is, looks like it has no single flower bud on it and I would expect them on a third leaf tree. So, two questions - when young peaches start to flower and is it possible that peach grown from seed is not going to flower at all?


We bought a Red Haven, 1/2 in caliper, and we got 2 very nice peaches first year in the ground.

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my seed grown redhaven set flowers and fruit on year 3

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Trees do take longer to fruit grown from seed. As long as 6 years as early as 3 years. Hickory trees take 40 years. It’s one of the main reasons commercial growers graft and don’t breed for stabilized genes. Some exceptions like rootstock. Lovell is grown from seed. The genes are stabilized. In other words produce the same tree over and over again. Many clings come true to seed too.
I never heard of a peach not flowering at all, I guess via mutation it may be possible?

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Patient! This spring is only its second spring.

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I have had some peach seedlings. Mine all flowered by year 3.

Your may just take longer time to develop. You should see flowers next year, 4th leaf.


I bought a new peach tree last spring a Rising Star from Van Wells and best I remember it was a 2 year tree when I got it. It was a good sized tree. Planted it pruned it for low open center… about 36" high, lopped it off… and it grew like crazy last year, ended up 12’ high and around 8’ wide. Very aggressive grower, I summer pruned it some late July… it had limbs growing everywhere, even down. No blooms last year but lots of growth.

This spring I pruned it back to 8’ height wise… and back to open center… it bloomed like a big tree this spring, lots of blooms, just like my older trees bloom.

So it was a 2 year when I got it, last year was 3rd leaf, this year is 4th leaf, nice sized tree, looking very healthy. Blooms are going out now and leaves coming on.

If we make it past this cold spell coming up Thursday night… with fruit… Would you thin it heavy ? and let it fruit a little ?

At what year do you turn a peach tree loose and let it fruit as much as it wants (with reasonable thinning) ? On my older trees I normally thin them to 1 peach every 5-6 inches.

Sorry about tagging on here… but to the original question my peach bloomed heavily this year at year 4.




Galina’s peach is a seedling. It tends to take a bit longer time to flower and fruit than a grafted tree like yours.

Good to know @mamuang - Thanks.

Galina - hope you get lots next year if none this year. All of my peach trees have been from nursery and best I remember they all bloomed quite early. My location is bad about late frosts though, so even though I get plenty of blooms, i often get no fruit. None last year, still hoping for this year.

Another bloom question for anyone… European Plums… I started 2, in a 2 in 1 planting in 2018.

I was expecting them to bloom last year, but none at all. This spring, so far no blooms at all. Small Leaves are starting to appear now, but no sign of blooms yet.

My Cherry and Peach trees, bloom, then leaves start… My Mac Apple, leaves and blooms come out about the same time.

With Eu Plums… do you normally get blooms then leaves ?

If so, looks like mine are not going to bloom again this year. I was sure hoping for blooms and fruit this year. I guess this is their 4th leaf. They are nice sized trees, looking good. What year do Eu Plums normally start blooming and fruiting ?



My European Plum Mt Royal is planted in 2014. I flowers from year I planted it. If you can count it “flowering”. Whole large tree has 10-100 blooms and 0-10 plums out of it… This year it is warned. No flowers - no space in my yard. Period!

@galinas my pair of EU plums = Mt Royal and Rosy Guage.

I previously had a couple Japanese varieties… they both bloomed in mid Feb… in 10 + years we got 1 good crop off them. They were great but so disappointing to lose crops almost every year.

I was hoping for better luck with these EU Plums… supposed to boom later… if they will ever start blooming.

My japanese plums bloomed first… the leaves came after blooms… I figure Eu Plums will do the same… if so not good news for me this year again… leaves are starting and no blooms yet.


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I had Green Gage before. I cut it down on year 8 for not flowering and growing like crazy. Before it was Stanley. That one was flowering and even gave some fruit once. Didn’t wake up on year 4 for unknown reason, suspect crown rot.

I’ve read different things about thinning Peaches.Anywhere from about 4 inches to 12,between each fruit,with the latter,from memory,close to what @Olpea practices.He also grew one of the biggest,(possible a world record?)probably by extreme spacing.
Maybe experiment,by removing a lot from a tree and see if the quality and size improves.

That’s exactly right Brady. We thin every 12", but we round to allow a little more fruit if the shoot. In other words on an 18" shoot, we would still allow a couple fruit. But on a 12" shoot, we would only allow one fruit.

I’ve been doing it long enough, I know that on a full sized tree, I don’t want to see more than 300 fruit. I generally prefer 250. In my area, it just seems like the size and flavor start to suffer with anymore than that.

You are also right, the big peach (which was a world record for 3 weeks, until a Canadian knocked it out with a bigger peach 3 weeks later, lol) was grown with only 20 peaches on a full sized tree.

Generally peach trees will show some flowers in third bloom, but if it’s slow growing, it may take longer. I’m like everyone else, just give it more time.

I’ve had some peach trees take a long time to start blooming, but then become prolific producers.

Assuming drainage is good and there is no sod growing close to the trunk, you may have produced a compact seedling. I’ve read before that Redhaven seedlings sometimes make a compact Redhaven, so it’s probably not unusual to come across other compact seedlings.

Once “Compact Redhaven” was propagated and marketed, but it fell out of favor and is no longer available. Someone else needs to find and grow a naturally compact tree (which is a little different from a genetic dwarf peach) so it can be available again. Perhaps yours is the one?

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I have a Euro Plum,General Hand,that might be 4-5 years in the ground,with no flowers yet.So,a few other varieties were grafted on last year and a couple are going to bloom.Some just take awhile.

The drainage is good I believe. The peach is planted on the terrace of a hill made of boulders, basically like in a big pot between big boulders, nothing prevents water to run off… The parent of my peach is semi-dwarf “Reliance” - the only peach tree I have, and child grew from the seed I dropped into compost pile. Here is the picture of the child, for a reference, I am 5’ 1’’ and the highest tip of the branch is under my chin.


That is a nice looking peach @galinas

Here is a pic of my 4 yr rising star.

I counted 54 shoots… some are 3 ft or longer. Some are a little less than 1 ft.

I may try leaving one peach on each shoot over 1 ft long… this year. 45 or so peaches.


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That may not be a compact peach tree. A 5’ tree from seed is reasonable vigor. I suspect if left unpruned, that tree will get 20’ tall.

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Your peach looks great!
I didn’t remove peaches the first year it flowered, and I think it was the third year after I planted it. Also in the middle of the second summer it was partially pulled from the ground by hurricane, I thought I lost it and asked my husband just pull it and throw away while I was at work, so I do not have to see it… he replanted it instead. Next year we tried first peaches.

I might mention that we fruit peach trees as soon as they flower and hold fruit. We’ve fruited a few peach trees in their second year after planting. I’ve let a few peach trees fruit their first year, but you only a get a couple fruit and the fruit is not very good quality.

The whole idea behind removing fruit from fruit trees is so the tree isn’t stunted, or unduly slowed vigor. I’ve not ever seen either of these issues with well cared for peach trees in good drainage.

Apples are different. They can be stunted or slowed by early fruiting.

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