ATV orchard sprayer?

My small orchard is now at the point where I need a larger sprayer. Preferably something I can pull with my ATV or mount on the rear rack. I currently have a Fimco 15 gal sprayer with a 10ft boom for spraying my lawn, but I don’t trust washing it out well enough to use for my trees.

My 4 gallon backpack sprayer needs to be filled 4 times, and to be honest, I’m tired of lugging it around. Does anyone have something, or have used something like this, that is good quality and has pretty good pressure they would recommend?
I would like to stay in the less than $300 range, but would entertain quality sprayers that are more.

Thank you.

I just went to a 40 Gal County Line Deluxe Spot Sprayer from Tractor Supply (I’m sure it’s a rebranded Fimco). Like you I was using a 15 gal sprayer. I put it in the back of our UTV (Gator) and ratchet strap it in place. I’m not sure how it would fit on the back of a wheeler. The 2.4GPM spray pump is much better than the one on the 15 gal sprayer. I also liked that it has a recirculating lever that is handy for mixing the contents. It was $300. I’ve been happy with it so far, but it still takes me about two days to cover the trees in the orchard (about 650).

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Thank you for the response. Wow 650 trees. I’m dealing with around 50.