Au Plums and Chickasaw


Below is what I think is representative of Au Rosa and Au Cherry Plum. Both bloomed and ripened about the same time. Both are pretty good tasting in my opinion with Au Rosa a slight edge. I only had two Au Rosa so my sample was small. I’m not certain but I think both these have a little Chickasaw crossed in during the development stage.


Nice. Thnx for posting. Randy/GA


I planted an au rosa in south florida, border line 10a. It fruited for the first time this spring. Picked the fruit april 14. But they looked like the au cherry plum in your photo size wise, but slightly more elongated and with a faint orange blush. I wonder if it was mislabeled.


I just ordered AU Rosa on myrobalan from Cummins. Should I expect a 25’ tree? It is reportedly vigorous, but I can’t find any good info on final size of the tree.

AU_Plums_1300CIRC.pdf (753.9 KB)