Aussie finger lime


Thank’s! My only fruiting variety for now is fausterime that i love, but people say it’s the less good. This small purple bliss tree will only fruit on two years i think.
I have on the way one Crimson tide and will have more varieties. I just love finger limes! :yum:


Beautiful @Luisport

Little jealous here…lol



Thank’s! The plant is not big, maby it will flower in two years…


This is the colour of each variety…


Looks like snowcones


Yummy!!! :yum:


Going by this chart I must have the ‘Invisible Man’ cultivar.


Why, it’s white? There are some white varieties too. All are good!


Nah, tons of pretty little buds and general growth, but the limes are not to be found anywhere. :blush:


That’s strage, usually they are self fertile… What’s the size of her?


~7 feet, tripled in size in about 2 years, have to keep pruning the lower branches away from the sidewalk. I’m sure they will set next season as it’s getting a lot more sun at that height. It’s by an 8 feet fence.


Then she neads another one to cross polinate… i think.


My friend has the same cultivar that have fruited from the first year. His is in a totally sunny location. (Both were from Costco). Do they by any chance pollinate with other citrus? (I have all kinds).


I don’t know you have to hask it on a aussie finger lime forum…


Mine was about 5 years old before it fruited.

Sadly though it does not appear to have made it this year. My wife told me to find one and replace it. I mentioned that getting another may take years to fruit and she told me to get another big one. Then we looked online. I’m thinking it won’t be a this year thing… (Though that purple one looks great!!)



those finger lime hues make mardi gras beads look rather plain, lol

btw, i presume the cultivar i currently have is Collette


Hi! Collette is very good, one that I want to have.


`google the lime caviar company and you will find all of the varieties. One of the rarest is called Byron Sunrise . The purple bliss is still my favorite .


My fausterime finger lime :blush:


Great photo album of finger lime pics