Aussie finger lime


i hope mine really is collette, i merely based it on color/hue on the photo you posted


Great recipe of finger lime marmalade!


Luis, help, my four year old lemon tree I just bought was half girdled by a climbing rodent. A rat or a squirrel onto my terrace, deuxieme etage. What is it and of course I can try to save the tree but what to I put on the gnaw marks? Please help!


That’s terrible… you can put the paste that is used to seal when you graft citrus. Then you can use a cuted water bottle on trunk…


what does cuted water bottle on trunk mean?


What is the paste called here? I can get to a nursery to buy it. Thank you so much, please help I am so upset


Luis is telling you to cut a water bottle. Cut off the top and bottom, slit the side and place over the stem/trunk to protect the plant from being damaged again (like we do with the trunks of trees here in the states to prevent lawn mower or weed whacker damage.

Depending on how bad the damage is, wrap it like you would a graft. (if the damage is bad enough consider a bridge graft). I’ve never used it but Doc Farwells makes a Seal and Heal paste for plants.



Thanks, it might not make it through the mails.


I’m sure you can buy it in France


Went to the garden store today and bought tree wound sealer. They said a rat did it.


Don’t forget to put the plastic bottle arround the trunk…


I will buy them tomorrow.


Ok, since I’m in Europe in a great growing area, I broke down and bought a Purple Bliss finger lime from Thailand . I hope it arrives alive and doesn’t take ten years to produce.


Congratulations! All the plants i buyed fro this seller are very good looking! Never got any problem… :+1:


the finger lime i received from ogw produced some limes on its first year, despite being a tiny specimen. My only problem is that it grows way slower than a persian mulberry, at least here in vegas, and production is iffy, if not outright negligible…


My new Crimson Tide finger lime


Little Ruby finger lime


looking good @Luisport , keep us posted here!


Thank you my friend


My finger lime arrived two days ago. I also bought purple bliss. It came beautifully packaged, lost a few leaves but they are tiny. It was also wrapped in a Thai newspaper! Mamuang would love getting her tree and reading the newspaper ! It is about a foot tall including the balled root system. It is very prickly as the stems are covered in tiny thorns. i will pick out a pot for it today and plant it. Great shipper, took two weeks from Thailand to France, they really are excellent growers.!! The tree cane in a very heavy duty paper tube. It had to be opened for customs. But customs retaped the bashed in side as they tend not to be delicate! It didn’t hurt the tree one bit! I am thrilled and hope it takes!! I love having a tree from Thailand in my orchard! Here is a picture!