Aussie finger lime


curious if it indicates the rootstock used, if a different species that is.


I will check the paperwork!


It’s different, pomelo or lemon.


Congratulations for your new finger lime, it’s gorgeous! My purple bliss is pushing new growth now… :+1:


awesome! if it is pomelo, and from southeast asia, then there is a good chance you will have a 2 for 1

what i mean by this is if for any reason your finger lime don’t do too well(like what i have here) or worse–the finger lime graft dies, there’s a chance the rootstock might be at least as high-value as the scionwood :slight_smile:


Got it! It is sproutIng very tiny new leaves.


Just returned from 8 days away from home.

I spent weeks before doing fish emulsion sprays a couple times a week and nothing.

Upon returning home today, I noticed 3-4 sprouts from above the graft point. The leaves from here are all finger lime leaves. (there were 2-3 new sprouts from below the graft as well and these had poncirus looking leaves).



I’m thinking of planting a finger lime in our backyard. The area where I live is in their natural distribution but unfortunately they are quite rare due to recent deforestation so I haven’t seen them ever when ive been walking in the bush. Their natural habitat is lowland sub-tropical rainforest (most of which has been cleared for farming).


Looks like the graft is starting to fade! :cry:


Really? Can you post a pic? If it dies you can send a message to the seller and hask for a new plant.


Our new Red Center Lime. It is a cross between the Finger lime and the Burmese Rangpur lime.


Wow, would love to see what the fruits turn out to be!


Thank’s! Well i think i have to wait some few years but they are like this:


Thats gorgeous!


My potted finger lime tree has a few fat fruit. How do folks tell when the fruit are ripe? Pulls off easily? Color change? Some of my fruit are starting to blush a little red, tho I assume the fruit won’t be ripe for at least another few months.


Hi! I pick my finger limes when i touch them and they fall on my hand, but you can pick them like lemons when they got big but not totally ripe.


Have y’all noticed a difference in productivity with full sun vs dappled light? I’ve heard differing ideas. It’s an under story tree vs give it full sun since it’s a citrus tree. Thanks! Just got my first one, but never grown one before!


My fausterime finger lime is on a dappled light spot and is very productive… but maby some varieties are more productive on dappled light than others.


How come Douane didn’t confiscate it? Isn’t that plant material from outside Europe?


I never got any citrus from Thailand confiscated.