Austromyrtus dulcis – Midyim / Midgen Berry

Is anyone growing this one? I grew it once years ago, but planted it in a poor spot where it failed. I tried getting seeds from the source again (in Australia) only to have them confiscated by Uncle Sam before they could reach me. I’ve been trying to get my hands on it, to no avail.

APHIS considers all members of Myrtaceae sourced from Australia & New Zealand to be possible carriers of Myrtle Rust bacteria (Austropuccinia psidii). They also list dozens of genera as susceptible to A.p. and Austromyrtus is among them.

Licensed U.S. nurseries with compliance agreements for rusts can import them.

Here is one in CA that has done so in the past:

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Emphasis on “past”… They don’t seem to have it listed as an actual product. I’ve searched, there seem to be very few stateside nurseries working with this one. I remember two off the top of my head (Wanderlust and One Green World), and neither ship to my neck of the woods.

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You need a partner nursery or repository. I noticed the USDA repository in Miami had a specimen back in 1985. Perhaps someone at USDA TAS Mayaguez could help?

I’ll look into it.

Can you elaborate on that?

TARS Mayaguez is a repository.

By “partner nursery” I mean a commercial operation with experience and licencing to import plants from foreign sources.

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