Autumn Crisp in full bloom since Sunday

Sunday a good number of flowers opened and looking last night, nearly everything was open. Problem is my Gold Rush apple is not even close to blooming yet. I was counting on this as a pollinator. I only am just beginning to see a few spots of red on it. Anyone ever get apples from Autumn Crisp without a pollinator? Last year I got 15 or so Gold Rush apples with no other apples known to be around. Something worked for it… I hope it works again this year.

My Goldrush opened it’s first beautiful blossoms just today Dan,your’s should be right around the corner. I bet your Autumn Crisp will set just fine. Apples always seem to get pollinated…somehow, some way.
You could always take a brush to a apple in a friend’s yard or park or whatever if your worried.

If you can find a crabapple in bloom you could prune it lightly for the owner and stick that branches in a bucket next to the tree. I did this for my hybrid plums with branches of wild P. americana.

Good ideas thanks… but not real possible. These trees are in NJ and few people around have fruit. I do see a fig tree or two around (going to do some horse trading this fall!!!), few peaches. But apples (and pears) no. I hope I go home tonight and my Gold Rush is open. That would be great!!

Checked my gold rush last night and wow… not quite open but much closer than I would have thought. I think this weekend should bring at least a few open blossoms, long as the weather keeps nice.