Autumn Glo chill hours?

I was at my local nursery and talking to them about low chill apricots that might do well in my area and they pointed me towards an Autumn Glo. The plastic band said it was 500 chill hours but the back of the Dave Wilson rectangular tag, stated 100 chill hours. I can’t find anywhere online or anyone who can verify that this is an actual low chill fruit. When I pointed out the discrepancies between the two tags, he said the band that stated 500 chill hour was an old tag and incorrect and that the 100 chill hour tag was correct.

Does anyone have any opinions or thoughts on this? I ended up picking up a Gold Kist apricot because I know that is productive in my area because of a neighbor who has a loaded tree every year. However if the Autumn Glo is indeed 100 hours, I will definitely pick one up. At this point, I am much more willing to pursue production and reliability as it still beats store bought fruit any day.

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Dave Wilson still lists Autumn Glo at 500 ch. I don’t think 100 ch is realistic. Anyway, it’s not really edible as fresh fruit. I have fruited it for 3 years, and it’s not worth its space in the orchard, will be top-worked this spring. Gold Kist fruit quality is also subpar (although not as bad as Autumn Glo). Both can be used for jam.