Avaunt and japanese beetles

I am wondering if Avaunt will work on Japanese beetles?
I have lots of Avaunt and would rather not buy more insecticide. Also, sevin is expensive when spraying 60 trees.

If not, I am looking for recommendations. I like granulated or powdered products since they seem to last a LONG time in storage. It would also be a nice bonus to control a possible second round of PC, and other apple pests. Need it to be labeled for most tree fruit

The most effective control for Japanese beetles is to kill the larvae in the soil under the trees. The larvicide should be applied in the Fall before freeze and again in the Spring. For organic gardening I recommend Gnatrol.

What happened to the use of milky spores JB

To my knowledge ,Gnatrol is Not effective against Japanese beetles or their larva .

Will milky spores hurt my firefly larva?

According to the Literature I have read, milky spore is host specific, meaning it only kills Japanese beetle larva. Should not hurt your fire flies

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I need to spray something to kill adults now.

Sprays don’t really work very well on them. I would scatter a couple of those traps around your property. There is no way to win against them, you are going to get some damage. The traps work well though. They go straight for them.

Can anyone put a brand name to this. One that will knock out gnats, ants, PC, and others?

I use to trap my Japanese Beetles on Knotweeds which JBs like so much better. Shake them into a pail of water morning noon evening. This was 50 years ago and the plant might have been touchmenot.

I still use Imidan. labeled for fruit trees. Works good against curculio and adult jap beetles. Seems to last about 12-14 days. When I spray in late July/August on my apple trees and grapes, I see little jap beetle damage on the new growth until 10-12 days later.

Buying in 5 pound lots is not cheap but it stores well. Have used it for up to 8 years from storage and it still worked just fine.

Peaches and grapes seem to be what my jap beetles prefer. And Honeycrisp apple! Anyone who grows lots of different apples seem to notice that the adult jap beetles seem to prefer Honeycrisp over other varieties? Not sure why but I see this every year.

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Plums. Cherries and plums. They’ll defoliate them down to the veins.

The rain this week brought them out with a vengeance. They’re in the prairie and as usual the roses, but I can’t spray them there because of bees.

I have used imidan in the past but I ran out and decided not to buy more because a bag is more than a 5 year supply for me. I went with avaunt instead. Might buy some sevin though.

Worked for me. One application kept the population very low for about 10 years. Time of application is important. Read package.

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Milky Spore is what you want, but it only kills beetles as others have mentioned.

Is there no ground treatment for PC?

I disagree. Removing the population can’t be a bad thing. You put them on the perimeter of your property to keep them from moving onto your property.

20# of milky spore costs about $45. The label says it will cover 7000 square feet per application and 6 applications are required for control. My yard is 1.5 acres or 65,340 square feet. I would need about 9 bags per application and about 56 total for control according to the label. This would cost me about $2,520
I am NOT doing that.

Milky spore would not help me deal with the beetles eating my fruit trees now.

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I agree that removing the population would be a good thing, but if you are attracting the population of the surrounding area to your property, a portion of them will end up putting their babies in your yard instead of ending up in the bags. You can do what you want to do, but after reading this report I decided against using the bags and have begun periodically making rounds to dunk as many as possible into a soapy water bottle. I only have 1/8th acre so putting bags on the “outside” of the property is just my yard.

I say this with zero sarcasm, if you DO elect to use the bags, please report back with future results (good or bad). I wish you luck.

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