Avaunt vs. Imidan

I bought a bag of Imidan about 5 years ago and I am finally running out. I am considering buying Avaunt this time. I made the calculations and figured that Avaunt is about half the price per acre.
Avaunt costs about $44 per acre and Imidan costs at least $95 per acre.
Please let me know if I am missing something or if anyone else has any comments.

What size sprayer do you use and how many trees are you spraying?

I believe your assumption that Imidan is more expensive per acre is correct but prices vary a lot

I paid about $100 for 5 # Imidan - Spray 3#/acre or $60/acre

! paid about $120 for 18 oz Avaunt - Spray 6 oz acre or about $40/acre

Safety may be an important consideration too.

Caution label on Avaunt, Warning label on Imidan

12 HR REI on Avaunt

14 DAY REI on Imidan for general public but 4 day REI for farm workers

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I have a 25 gallon gas powered IVA sprayer. I spray with a hand gun.
I have about 30 trees now. I am planting 15 more this year and probably another 15 in the fall or next year.

Mine is the 25 gallon orchard sprayer. Mine does not have a boom on the rear.

@ribs1 I have used Imidan and Permethrin (peaches only) previously on my trees. In prior discussions it was noted that Avaunt is labeled and sold to be used in 100 gallon commercial sprayers. At what rate per gallon will you mix Avaunt in your 25 gallon sprayer? The per gallon mix rate that was estimated previously was very small which would make it difficult to measure (but not impossible) for small 4 gallon sprayers. In contrast Imidan is easy to measure at a per gallon rate. Just something to consider.

I think Avaunt has much lower mammalian toxicity than Imidan, which is an organophosphate. Avaunt is also a more selective insecticides and is lighter on many beneficial insects. I’d definitely switch to Avaunt.

What is the rate per gallon
Of Avuant in teaspoons?

JohnL - there is no rate, that is the problem. The amount required is so small per gallon you would have to measure it on a scale. I cannot find one of the prior discussions were we actually came up with an estimated amount, it was definitely less than a teaspoon. In this discussion 1/3 a teaspoon is estimated to be too much -

Edit - this article estimates .05 ounces per gallon.

Yep. Accurate measurement is going to take a scale. Perhaps Olpea will chime in on the conversion too .

The label I have shows the max rate for insects like PC on Apples with Avaunt is 6 oz/acre

Growers typically spray between 50 gallons to 200 gallons per acre . 200 gallons in the “old” days but much less now using more modern equipment and techniques. I normally spray 100 gallons of water, but have sprayed as little as 50 gallons per acre for example.

So, the proper rate should be between 6 oz Avaunt/50 gallons = .12 oz per gallon

and 6 oz Avaunt/200 gallons = .03 oz per gallon

I believe my math is right but it would be a good idea to check the calculations and label

I’ve been using Avaunt for years, and I can vouch for its efficacy. For folks not mixing up 100 gallons at a time I can also vouch for its convenience.

Neither pesticide is very good on bugs. Even when stink bugs don’t show up here we have tarnished plant bugs that can make a mess of peaches. For home growers a pyrethrin offers definite advantages (now available as the new Sevin formula). Also for controlling pear psyla. However, pyrethroids also kill beneficials and can spur on mite and scale outbreaks- even white-fly epidemics, apparently.

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If that’s the case, why is everyone using them?

I’m talking about plant bugs, they are great on coddling moth and PC among other pests.

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Thanks for the info Alan. Do you have good per gallon rate? Is it possible to measure volumetrically or do I have to buy a scale?
Thanks again

Looks like Blueberry posted the rate. I didn’t see that before
Thanks everyone


What pyrethins would you recommend for a home grower who just has a few trees (apples and tart/sweet cherries) and realistically can only buy retail packaged insecticides? You mentioned the new Sevin formula- are there others you could recommend?

There used to be only the Once and Done formula, which some have complained about not being adequately strong. It has no expiration date and yet I believe the potency is relatively short lived. Some pyrethroids have more shelf life than others, so if I was in your shoes, I would try to run a search to learn whatever I could about which pyretrhoid is in the Sevin formula, compared to the triazicide. Or, if the Sevin active ingredient was something different I’d try a run with it and see what happens.

Just be sure to apply at highest legal rate. I cannot suggest that you go beyond that, but it seems the highest legal rate for homeowners may not be the same as for licensed applicators.

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Does Avuant have kickback killing power like Imidan does?

Thanks Alan

NO, but neither do the pyrethroids and usually everything works out fine with my 2-spray starting with petal fall of later apple varieties. The only other one I use with kickback is Assail, which you can use in combination with Avaunt (to get plant bugs and psyla among other things) but it’s about as hard on beneficials as pyrethroids, I believe.

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Incidentally, I was told on this forum that Sevin had changed its formula to using a pyrethroid, but when I checked out ordering it on Amazon all they had was carbaryl.