Avocado trunk girdling disease

My avocado trunk has a girdling disease. I scraped off some of the bark so it could be seen better. There was a white powder and the bark was dried and dead. I am wondering what this was

Here is a close-up

I don’t know if this will work but I cut away a strip and then grafted a healthy branch into it.

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Here is how it looked at the end. Not necessarily expecting this to work. It is probably a goner? What was the condition this trunk developed?

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This is from Evergreen Arborist Consultants.

Dothiorella Canker

Dothiorella canker is a relatively minor fungal problem that occasionally afflicts avocado trees. It usually begins with the formation of cankers on the trunk and primary branches. Over time, these cankers will eventually begin to discharge a white powder, and the bark on the trunk will begin to split and peel away from the tree. Over time, this disease often makes trees appear dead or nearly so but might recover with proper treatment.

@Bradybb you seem to be right about your diagnosis. Here is the follow up. My recovery graft made things worse. It was foul smelling and almost was like purulence in the slimy trunk under the wrapping. I should have left it alone. Here is how it looks dried out a few days later. Interestingly the rest of the tree seems alive. We will see how it behaves when we hit 105 in 2-3 months.

That white powder was a big clue.I hope the tree does recover.Looks to be fair sized.

Is this happening below graft or above? If not a good variety, maybe a good time to top work after removing the top to below the girdled area

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