Avocados are blooming

My multi-grafted collection of cold hardiest avocados is full of flower on its third year. I have observed that as the blooming progresses on avocados, they droop their leaves to expose their flowers. They’re not water stressed. The younger avocados shown in the last pic, without blooms have normal leaves under the same conditions.

I was inspecting for hail damages but was surprised that almost none on my avocados of their vertically oriented leaves!


They look great! What varieties do you have grafted?

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Aravaipa, Duke 1, Duke 2, Brazos Belle, Fantastic

Grafted lower on the tree are less cold hardy ones
Bacon, Mexicola

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I also repotted my 4-n-1 Cold Hardy Avocado. I have used z-grafting to add more cultivars. It is also starting to bloom. It will remain potted and sheltered from the heat of summer until the main trunk and major scaffolds turn woody before they go into the ground. Even while potted, it shook off this years cold events. I will place it next to my bigger tree for cross pollination. Am hoping it might also bear fruits this season.

Nice blooms Joe, what zone are you in? Ours is blooming too, I didn’t know about the drooping leaves to expose flowers thing so that’s interesting.


Zone 9. Northern California. Not all cultivars may display that behavior.

Oh okay, do they go dormant in the winter there? The leaves on mine got a bit rough during the dry period of the winter as you can see, but it never really lost its leaves.

The leaves aren’t pretty because of strong winds and hail. My cold hardy avocados have some decent growth in the winter. They seem to go dormant or slow down during the hottest weeks of the summer.