Awful Tayberries

I planted tayberries two years ago. They grew well but the fruit tasted like soap! So I waited a year. Again they fruited well but the fruit is now almost tasteless. As usual, I have forgotten the variety.

Do I replace them with raspberries or try some new plants (and note the variety this time)?

I’m pretty sure ‘Tayberry’ is the cultivar. They’re a cross between blackberries and raspberries named after the place they’re from. Did they get a lot of rain or not a lot of sun? Either can hurt the flavor.

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I haven’t tried growing them yet myself, but after getting a couple pints at the farmers market a couple weeks ago they were near the top of my list to plant. They tasted like tropical fruit punch, but not in an artificial flavoring way. Very good!

Your review of your own berries makes me wonder how hard it would be to grow them to be as tasty as that farm managed.


@swincher the tayberries in the picture doesn’t look ripe enought to me, they need to be darker (near purple) to develop flavor and sugar.

They were extremely sweet, soft, and flavorful. We bought some the next week (yesterday) from a different vendor that were a little darker but they were mush. I definitely preferred them at that ripeness shown above.

Here’s another photo, the white bowl made them seem light I think


I grew Tayberries for a few years,in a south facing direction,against an aluminum building.Whenever the heat from the Sun was strong,which can happen sometimes,as they are ripening,it could be detrimental to their quality.
When growing them,it may be beneficial to keep the vines out in the open,with air circulation.I did like the flavor,but not enough to continue.

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That is a great pic @swincher

I grow my Logans on a trellis just off a brick wall on the east side of my house. They get lots of direct morning sun but then after noon only indirect light… and they LOVE IT THERE.

Grow and produce like crazy. I bet Tays would like that as well… They look very similar to logans.



I grew Tayberries years ago and didn’t think that they were as good as my raspberries or the abundant wild blackberries; so, I got rid of them. However, my daughter and her family really like them and just picked some at a farm today. They agree that they are not very tasty fresh but claim that they are excellent when cooked.