Ayers/Winter Banana/Assortment of apples grafted 2017


Hard to see but looks like each scion will have at least one apple fruit bud.
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If they flower, would you keep the fruit on such relatively new grafts?

I accidentally let my first year White Winter Pearmain and a couple more varieties fruited the year they were grafted. I’ll see this year if I stunted those grafts.


If they fruit I will definitely keep the fruit. These scions are on a mature tree and the graft connection is strong.


Your King David looks very promising for flower buds. Not sure about others. Your scions are 2-3 longer than mine.

Good luck.




Double grafts, meaning interstem? If so, why? (I’m new to this.)


I use the Winter Banana and a couple more apple varieties so I can graft onto pears with desired apples. In this case the pear is Ayers.


They grew about the length I was hoping for. I tilted them slightly upward. My goal was to get adequate growth but not so much to prevent fruit bud formation.


I try several sort of unusual type grafts that are mostly for my own entertainment.


And other’s enlightenment, I would add. I’ve been impressed by the things Bill gets to work and since he’s done them I’ve had to rethink a few of the things I do on my Frankentree.


I failed to mention that these double grafts were with cambium cross rather than alignment. Crossing allows one to point the scion into different directions.


This is cool.