Azarolus yellow and red

Here is some of my Azarolus fruit pics. It is cold resistant variety .



I have a friend with a red azarole. A few years ago he let me try the fruit. It was really good so I saved and planted the seeds. Only two germinated, but now in their second year of growth they are doing very well. However, the foliage all looks like the following picture. It doesn’t look like any azarole foliage I’m able to find pictures for online. Does anyone know if this is just juvenile foliage that will become more divided when mature or do I have a different Crataegus species?

Looking back in my phone I found this picture of the fruit my seeds came from.

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Anyone else here growing azarole?

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Definitely not azarole. The fruits are of some american hawthorn.

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The mother tree mine were grown from was purchased as ‘Angelo Rosso’ azarole. I’m not sure which nursery it came from, but I see the picture Planting Justice is using for this variety shows leaves that look the same as mine. One Green World also used the same picture in their catalogue. I don’t see any other nurseries listing this cultivar of azarole. Since the picture they use matches what I grew my seedlings from and the flavor was very good like a select variety then I think what I got was as intended and not a random Crataegus rootstock or something. Since the cultivar name ‘Angelo Rosso’ (red angel) is Italian I looked on iNaturalist to see all the Crataegus species which have been spotted in Italy and bingo! One of the species they have there is an American hawthorn called Crataegus submollis. Its foliage looks like an exact match for what I’ve got. Perhaps someone noticed a nice specimen over there and reintroduced it to America as a European species due to misunderstanding.

Looks like C.submollis indeed. If the fruits were larger it could be its form C. arnoldiana, also commonly grown.

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