I tried growing Baba a few years back and it was a dud. This year I added a little leaf mold to the mix and it’s taking off nicely.

Just about ready to blossom.


Clint, where did you buy your Bababerry from?

I got this one at Green Arrow Nursery in North Hills, back during bareroot season. It’s a DWN offering. The one that dudded out on me was from a big box store and definitely not from DWN.

I should add there’ll be no more brambles in the ground for me, ever again. They are worse than mint! Pots only.

First year harvest and they taste really good:
Much juicier than anything I’ve had from a market. When this bush matures these berries could really be special.


Glad to see yours are smallish like mine. I have a few, and really looking forward to next year, too!

Patty S.

Yes, they are much smaller than the ubiquitous Driscoll’s that are virtually inedible. I was surprised that the ‘Bababerry’ flavor was so good for a such a young bush. I have high hopes moving forward.

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My one Bababerry. Not very sweet, but strong flavor.

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Harvesting various fruits at peak ripeness can be a learning experience and a challenge. Factor in young bushes and it’s a bit of a crap shoot. More often than not, waiting a little longer usually pays off.

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Fall crop of Bababerries coming in. Why am I wasting precious space with boysenberries?

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I wanted this one for years, but it’s frequently described as not being very hardy.

Anyone out there wrapping their brambles? I will admit it’s tempting for this one…


LOL! Raspberries are my favorite. The range of flavors varies a lot. I would say easier to grow than blackberries as they are a little more tame. They can sucker yards away, some can. Easy to control, they come right out. Blackberries hold on!

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I think they are hardy to 0 degrees. So you could grow in a container and put them with the figs, It’s what i do for New Berry, Marion, and others I have in containers as I ran out of room in the ground. My fav here are Polka, Cascade Gold, Anne, Fall Gold (which you may be able to grow @MrClint ) Fall Gold has a Korean strain in it’s lineage. It’s almost completely thornless, Anne too for that matter. All have some disadvantages, taste is not one of them.

Well I used to, but the real problem is desiccation. A wrap is good because it keeps a steady temp, very important. You want it to freeze and stay frozen, not thaw in the sun, freeze at night. That will kill it. Mine are in the shade in the winter, so I just spray with Wilt Stop. If temp really is the issue, they will die, it’s more an inability to keep moisture in the winter if temp swings are huge. Wilt stop helps, and a little luck. I got all of my blackberries to fruit and others have reported dead canes.

Raspberries aren’t generally a winning proposition in my locale. This baba has me rethinking my bramble plans. And using leaf mold instead of a peat based container mix has me excited as well.

Have you tried Canby raspberries? Decreased thorns and super sweet. I’ve been pleasantly surprised how they’ve held up to hot dry summers here.

Right but baba are raspberries, and Fall Gold is known to grow in your area too. I know I have to limit too! I limited my raspberries to about 15 cultivars :expressionless:
You could probably find it locally. DWN sells it. Taylor X wild Korean mountain berry X Fall Red…Zones 4-11. Nova and Heritage would work too, yet Fall Gold is special. Just a suggestion for west coast people. Well anybody it grows well all over. A very cool plant.

I’ve tried “Fall Gold” and ‘Bababerry’ in the past and both were duds. Since I came across Baba as a DWN offering earlier this year, I decided to give it one more try – and the rest is history. My next move is to start rooting some tips and get more Babas going.

Even though I’m overloaded in Spring with blueberries, these rasps never make it into the house. They are gone within seconds of being picked. The berries are pretty fragile, and won’t keep very well anyway.

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Well good luck with them. Yes, they look fragile from the photo. Good job making it work!
I managed to make Marion work here, when people in 7a didn’t (I’m in 5b), so with effort I enjoyed some berries this year.

I agree that Canby is a good one as well. We have had 40 days over 100 here in Central Valley and Canby and Baba are the only two I have. They both produce pretty well in the heat, although no fall crop here.

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