Bababerry Raspberry

@chadspur -
This is a raspberry for ultra low chill areas. I believe there are better choices for your location.


Try dorman red and/or itsaul


Tell me more about this one please.

I might be going down the wrong path with raspberries. Seems like they all hate the heat except a very few and the few that don’t die aren’t that great in flavor.

I’m trying to find something that I can plant between my trees. Seems like I have a bunch of wasted space that I could tuck some berry makers in. Any suggestions? Something tasty that doesn’t get too large. I already have a bunch of blackberries.

What’s the spacing between trees? I see you’re in zone 8a. What sustained hot temperatures do you have in August?

Not sure on the spacing. It’s all sorts of random. I’d say about 10 or so feet here and there. August usually hovers around the mid 90s. We’re baking at that point with some days hitting 100.

I think the space and August temperatures are fine for raspberries – but they would prefer to not have direct sunlight in the summer.

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Appreciate the advice Richard. I did a bit of searching on a local gardening Facebook group and it seems like some one person has had luck with Anne, Caroline, and Prelude. This link mentions success by pruning canes back once in June and a second time in July to delay fruiting. This is what I do for my Prime Ark Freedom blackberries to delay the fruiting of the fall crop, so it wouldn’t be too much of a hassle.


Thank you so much, Richard, for sharing that info. I was able to get two bababerry plants from San Gabriel Nursery. A bit pricey, but well worth it I think. I also got two beautiful olallieberry plants and three blueberry plants. Hopefully they will be happy where I want to plant them. They won’t be as much in the sun as yours. They will get shade from my neighbor’s fence. Do you think that will still be ok? Thanks again for sharing your insight.

Hey @Richard,

What was your soil mix in that bababerry bed? Im very curious. Ive got 2 plants ready to go in an empty raised bed and am trying to decide on a mix. Hope u are eating some home grown foods! OH im also close to you…im in san marcos.



Thanks for the

Would you please suggest what varieties are good to grow in PNW, Oregon, I think zone 8a?

They pulled the page down, do you have saved (pdf) ?

Just curious, how many plants do you need and how old to produce this much?

He may suggest something different but here is another resource for you from Chad Finn and Patrick Moore and OSU.

@SamA, I have yet to find a raspberry that does not thrive in the pnw. I did not see your location on your bio. If you are anywhere near seattle I just cut mine back. I could give you a pile of good canes to start. I have not had trouble with our moisture just sticking cut off canes in soil and they are off to the races. I take about 100 to the pta plant sale every spring.

I use them to prevent erosion along my creek bank. They taste better than willows or alder trees.

Mine is a collection of gifted canes over the years. I have no idea what my mix is anymore. Except for the new black ones w purple canes.

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I love this thread because the Baba who discovered this berry was my girlfriend’s grandmother. :heart:

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I have read many hearsays and tales of the history of Bababerry. Whether they are true or not…the below story is true as far as the patent was concerned at the time of publication in 1981 until its expiration.

Gertrude Millikan whom patented Bababerry in 1981 claims that it was found growing on her property

“The new variety is of unknown parentage. The original raspberry plant of the new variety was discovered in cultivation on my property in Idyllwild, Calif.”

I named the new variety “Bababerry” - Gertrude Millikan

Gertrude (Baba) Millikan.

I got my plants from Bay Laurel… supposedly hardy to 0F… nice plants.

I, too, knew Baba. She told me the story about how she found it growing in Idylwild, CA, took it to have it identified, found that it was a new, unnamed, plant, and it was named after her nickname - Baba. This is no made up story. If somebody else developed it, they didn’t bother to have it patented. She did. Baba was a great lady. A strong personality, who lived to be more than 100 years.

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That’s wonderful to hear. Her granddaughter is very much the same.