Baby Cakes thornless blackberry

I noticed this in Raintree catalog . Did some searching and Jung also has them . First time offering for 2017 . Dwarf at 3-4 foot zone 4 rating . I think I will order . I notice in our wild patches there are patches of 4 foot and patches of 6 foot or more . Likely different species . Same in Minnesota zone 3 , 2 footers and 5-6 foot patches . These can also produce a fall crop in some places with not so hot summers . So Drew maybe our dream blackberry . Might produce a fall crop only in zone 3 . Worth a try .

I saw them for sale last fall, might try it this year. From brazzelberries (which was rebranded).

Thank you Jerry for the tip. How are the pecan grafts? I recall Jerry63 on GW so I’ll assume it’s you.

I’ve been successful with ‘Triple Crown’ and ‘Chester’. You’re right across the map within IL from me so I suspect you’d do well with these too.


Pecans are doing fine . Thank you .

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Any experiences to share on this cultivar?

I bought a potted specimen this summer at a local nursery. The first crops of berries were small, not very filled in. The flavor was good. Some new canes bloomed and it looks like they will be more filled in if there is time to ripen during he cool fall weather.

From what I read, these bear from primocanes and floricanes. They are thornless. I’m growing it in a container. The first new canes had mottled leaves - mosaic? If so, I’ll be annoyed but still give it a try. The original pot had a Monrovia label.

Not sure about winter care for a potted blackberry. My Prime Arc Freedom canes died last winter so I think they are not very hardy, although it grew new primocanes. I don’t know if Babycakes is related. If so, maybe it needs protection.

Anyway, not much came up on searches so I though I would ask about experiences here.

The photo is my plant last week.


I divided a 2-3 gallon Monrovia plant into four and stuck them apart in a raised bed which went thru -33 F last winter and 3 came back but really late like mid-summer. Two of them are 4" tall. One is a good 14" with a cluster of berries at the top.

This cultivar is supposed to be on the extremely hardy side of thornless blackberry cultivars and it’s evident but zone 4 with -30 every winter isn’t going cut it with this plant.


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Thank you @Dax for your experience.

I have Triple crown, which I love but it is so huge and rangy. Prime Ark Freedom is too. Both despite topping at 3 or 4 feet. Baby Cakes does not have to make giant berries for me, just some bowl fulls now and then on my deck.

It’s encouraging it is so cold hardy. My winters are not that cold, so I can probably leave it outside all winter.

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i have 5 that are ripening a primocane crop in ground , right now in z3b but the deep snow protected them… they are light feeders. i burnt mine by over feeding last summer. they have about 50 berries on each plant . hopefully they all get to ripen before frost kills them. berries are about the size of a commercial raspberry.

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I mixed some Morecrop for Tomatoes with the container soil, per label instruction. They seemed to like that. No more new that it’s fall.