Baby Casabanana Plants

I found this casa banana fruit from rare seeds in late summer last year.
In August, I soaked four seeds in the warm water for 24 hours, and then wrapped with wet paper towels and put it in the tofu box covered by plastic wrap. I left them on the kitchen counter and checked often. Two sprouted very soon, and the other one took more than one week. I planted two seeds with sprouts in small pots covered by plastic wrap and forgot them in the hot summer afternoon. I planned to wait the water leaking out and brought in the garage. I thought that they might be killed by heat. I was surprised that they all survived.

I planted the other sprouting seed in the small pot covered by the plastic film, but left it in the garage. You know what happened. I waited more than one week and nothing came out. I digged out the seed and found it is rotten. Anyway, I thought two plants were enough for me.

Unfortunately they didn’t survive even last fall. I didn’t expect they were so tender that below 40 F degree killed them.

In late January, I started three seeds and two plants came out.

I soaked with warm water for 24 hours and changed a few times after the water turned cold. I wrapped with wet paper towel and put them in Zipper bag. Then left the zipper bag on the Internet router. When I found two seeds with sprouts and planted them in one small pot. Let the pot stay on the router.
I bring them out in sunny days when the temp goes up 32F.

I bring them in the garage at night and heat them with a seedling heat mat.


Steal some pictures from web to show how casabanana fruit looks like:




How is the taste?

I just got the seeds last summer. I haven’t gotten a chance to taste it yet.
From website, it tastes like fragrant melon mixed with cantaloupe. Besides, its shelf life is very long. I hope I can store some fruits in winter.
It is a perennial vine in hot area. I will keep some vines in the pot and bring inside when the weather turns cold.

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