Baby Midnight Rose Aprium from Unamicart

Our family always enjoys trying out new fruits and this time of year we look for good stone fruits.

We have ordered from Umamicart a few times because they are based in NYC I believe and get a wider selection.

We were able to get some new varieties and the clear winner in my book was the Baby Midnight Rose Aprium, so far we’ve eaten two of the five, one had a viable seed but I broke it a bit.
The nectapie donut nectarines are delicious as well.
My son is obsessed with the cherry plums which are quite tasty.

If anyone gets one of the baby midnight rose aprium seeds to sprout pls keep me in mind for a cutting!

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They will not grow true to type.


Thanks Richard for your knowledge. My intentions are a bit different, saving seeds and growing plants is as much my religion as anyone going to church on Sundays.

If I eat something good I have always wanted to plant the seed.
Now my son is the same way and it’s a bit magical to watch it grow.
It may not come true but those genetics will be in my garden for the bees to spread around. Someday I or somebody else may plant a seed from a fruit tree I tended and those genetics will come through.

As a boy I had an old lady neighbor who taught me to plant the seeds under the trees.
She would pick the peaches off the ground, brush aside the YJs, dig out the mushy spots with her weeding stained and arthritic fingers and push it towards me to taste…
I thought her hands were dirty and scary looking and I certainly didn’t want to eat rotten fruit off the ground but I also knew to mind my manners so I reluctantly took a bite and of course those were the best peaches I ever tasted.
She also had old untended apple trees spread out through the rolling fields and on the edges of the forests and down near different ponds.
During the summers my friend and I would walk around trying the apples from each tree, collect a few and go lie in the fields to watch the sun go down and the stars come out with a belly full of unsprayed sometimes a bit underripe apples.

The best seeds would always get buried in the dirt. My brother liked to say that “apples don’t come true, you’ll grow crab apples”. But, hmm, maybe apples that people don’t think are so perfect for eating are a good for the bears that lost their chestnuts.

I really enjoy watching Skillcult plant his apple seeds.
I also like to think about the Native Americans who over many generations selected and planted seed that now are the majority of the world’s produce.
Which is to say, saving and planting seed is more important to me than having “perfect” fruits or exactly what was planted.
Cheers & enjoy your weekend :green_heart:

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Actually crab apples are a different landrace from domesticated apples.

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