Back Yard Landscaping


For the last two years I have been working on re-landscaping my back yard into a Japanese style garden. Here are some pictures from this morning.

The red-flowered tree in the background is a Red Baron peach.

The small tree in the foreground that has just started leafing out is a weeping Santa Rosa plum.

The “yard ornaments”…


looks awesome! complete with your fuzzy rabbit chickens. :wink: i have 4 myself. had my neighbor convinced they were a rabbit/ chicken cross. i have then in a repurposed kids playhouse i renovated to look like a barn. i also have a male/ female silver duckwing bantams in with them. they are even smaller and even more friendly than the silkies.


Really beautiful and an inspiration for us. A shout out to your Silkies!!


Looks amazing and i love the medicinal fraggles!


So beautiful! And those chickens!


Your hard work paid off, looks great.


Looks beautiful! That Red Baron is gorgeous!!!


It produces the most amazing peaches too. I don’t know how Red Baron does in other areas, but here the peaches are perfect (by my criteria, at least).


This is beautiful. I’m waiting for my Weeping Santa Rosa to come in from Rain Tree. Should be here tomorrow. Hoping it turns out the same as yours!


I got mine two weeks ago. Unfortunately, they pruned it at 4 feet or so. There is a thread with directions for training it back to about 8 feet high. I plan to do that as I do not want the weeping branches touching the ground.


Wow, that seems idiotic that they did that. So sorry. I hope you are able to get it back to a nice shape.

I’m lucky that I live within a few minutes of Bay Laurel Nursery, so I was able to hand pick mine from their potted stock a couple years ago.


Well dang.