Backyard Orchardist / Groundskeeper position

Orchardist / Groundskeeper

Hi All,

My extended family and I are looking to hire a backyard orchardist / gardener and groundskeeper outside of Cleveland, Ohio for a full time position with benefits. Salary is negotiable based on skills and experience, ballpark of 60K. Hoping for a long term 5+ year commitment. Looking for a spring 2024 start.

no formal training necessary, but a proven track record of successfully growing wide variety of fruit and vegetables
All around ‘know-how’ and common sense - fertilizing and improving soil, disease identification treatment and prevention, pest / animal control
Use and maintenance of power equipment - mini-tractor, mower, use of rental power equipment

Orchard / mini-farm

  • Assume duties to maintain, troubleshoot, and expand the current orchard sitting on a quarter acre with apples, stone fruit, berry bushes, grapes, other miscellaneous edibles.
  • build out and manage a vegetable garden
  • build out a coup and manage laying hens
  • not necessarily organic, but embrace of holistic farming methods as opposed to hyper-efficiency

Groundskeeping duties for 3 houses within a 10 minute drive of each other including

  • lawn mowing, mulching, weeding, trimming, flowers growing etc spring/fall cleanup
  • hardscape maintenance - power washing, deck staining,
  • special projects with rental equipment - stump grinding, brush clearing, tree limb removal
  • outdoor dwelling upkeep - pest control, gutter cleaning etc
  • whatever other random handyman skills you have - plumbing, carpentry, electrical

Perks of Job:

  • This is not a commercial orchard! Open to experimentation and whimsy. I will share my bounty. Get paid to practice your hobby. No paperwork or quotas.
  • Time to pursue your own interests - I’ve got the room and can cover the overhead for whatever fruit you like. Or youtubing or whatever. I can support your passion project
  • Informal and casual work environment, with maximal flexibility - set your own hours, winters off, etc
  • Cleveland is a great place to live. 20 minutes separates downtown and farmland. low cost of living, great neighborhoods
  • zone 6a - climate agreeable to fruit production. Local county farmers market with produce <30 miles from me sell apples, plums, peaches, sour cherries, blueberries, grapes, currants, raspberries, melons, etc. biggest challenge is clay soil and moderate pest pressure.

I know it is a longshot to find someone willing to relocate, but I’ve been asking around locally for years without much success. I Pestered all the sellers at the local farmers market, university extension offices, gardening clubs etc. and Bupkis! Willing to consider creative arrangements. PM me if interested.


Very interesting. Hope you are successful. My daughter works in Cleveland. I live in North Canton.

50 years ago I would have LOVED an opportunity like that! :grin: