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When your Magness ripen, Clark?

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There wasn’t many this year but i think they would still be ripening but the green june beetles and japanese beetles are attacking and eating green fruit. The sugar content is ultra high this year and its been a problem.

I know it’s been discussed often, but what opinions are there about use of Organza bags for birds? Been trying mostly green ones this year because they are so cheap, and easy to apply. They would seem to be a pretty good deterrent.

Do you keep record when you harvested your Magness last year.

We have a drought here so everything ripens a week or two earlier. Technically, this pear should ripen at the end of August. That seems early for a Magness, based on Dave Wilson website.

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Birds seem to go by what they see, not smell like rodents. If I were to use organza bags against birds, I would choose dark colors like black, purple, dark blue so red, ripe fruit would not show too obviously.

That’s just me.

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We didnt mention it in the 2019 thread so i will keep looking Here comes the 2019 pear harvest!
We know there is some question about the leaves of the two you have Magness and Warren sibling pears

In 2018 they took the year off Here comes the 2018 apple & pear harvest!

Magness is discussed briefly here Pear research is yielding results - #6 by clarkinks

I read Adam County Nursery description and ripening time. It says Magness ripens right after Seckel. Both ripen around mid Sept.

My mysterious pear ripens now or, in a normal year, could be in late August. It still is ahead of my Seckel. In short, this pear is not a real Magness.

This year, I grafted a Magness to this Magness. In a few year, I will find out if the 2nd Magness graft is a real deal.

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Dont bet on that yet. Sometimes my pears ripen way out of order. They say this but reality of growing pears is not like that at least in Kansas. My ayers, clapps, seckle etc. are not ripe yet.

It takes a lot of work looking through my pear records! Just off memory i can tell you some years they are ripe right now at this location.

Clark, the last few “Magness” dropped today. Still earlier than it is supposed to ripen.

The charentai French cantaloupe is excellent, sweet and aromatic.

Should have gotten more fruit had the groundhog not eating most leaves from outside the cage!!



Those are nice looking fruits.


Here are some stone fruit picked recently.
Challenger peaches, very productive, good tasting. They small this year due to a drought.

Emeraude, white nectarine. I did not think and watered this potted tree too often. The fruit were large. They were sweet but the sweetness was not as it should have been.

These fruit were bagged so the colors were not as dark as they could be.


They both look great. The French seem to prize white peaches and I miss the taste of yellow peaches. When you find them, they are fibrous. The big selling yellow peach here is ‘Dixiered! Yikes! You peaches and nectarines look delicious!


@mrsg47 ,
After I have trued more white peaches and white nectarines, I think I like yellow ones more.

Emeraude is good but yellow flesh Freckle Face is more flavorful and interesting. Wish you were here so you could try them side by side.

My friend like Emeraude white nectarine more because it is just sweet. Freckle Face has a bit of tang to it making it more interesting.

@Ahmad - hope next year you will get Freckle Face to compare to Emeraude and Zephyr.


I like the yellow peaches for cooking. White peaches are too sweet.

Lot of fruit ripened during this time of the year.

My 9 watermelon plants did well at first, started to flower and set a few fruit. Then, came a drought. All my melon plants shut down (not putting out any flower at all) for about a month. That left each plant with only 1 or 2 melons.

But what I got were large watermelons.

Charleston Gray. 29.5 lbs

Crimson Sweet 29.5 lbs

And Georgia Rattlesnake at 41.9 lbs.


Size comparison.
From left to right.
Challenger peach
Emeraude white nectarine
Freckle Face yellow nectarine

Emeraude was from a potted tree that got watered regularly.
Challenger and Freckle Face are from in ground trees that rarely got watered. Both were smaller than last year’s.


How did your three melon varieties compare in terms of flavor?

All three are equally good. You can easily find Crimson sweet in store (may not be as sweet due to early picking). It never disappointed and we have grown it for 4 consecutive years.

Charleston Gray has pink flesh. Don’t the pink flesh fools you. It is very sweet melon. It has thick rind so it is good for those who do pickled or candied rind.

Georgia Rattlesnake are very large melon. Last year it set fruit late and the melon did not ripen in time. It produces very sweet melon.

All produce very sweet fruit.

However, Crimson Sweet and Charleston Gray are very productive. Too early to tell how productive Georgia Rattlesnake will be.


My last batch of Freckle Face nectarines. Got mostly good fruit due to our dry weather this year. Minimal bug damage. My lucky year.

The green fruit in the second pic was another variety (Arctic Sweet?) grafted to this tree. All fruit were in paper bags (Clemson bags) so I could not see inside and did not pay attention when picking.

Note to self, on a multi-grafted tree, check well before picking.



Crimson sweet in my opinion is a wonderful melon. You have good taste in fruit!

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