Backyard tropical fruit lunch

Visiting my son in Pahoa, Hawaii. Lunch from his backyard:

avocado, apple banana, passion fruit, and ginger. @swincher….I’ve been
tasting many different wild growing avocados. Do you want seeds from best ones? ie no fiber, buttery, good seed/ pulp ratio.


Thank you for offering! I believe the Hawaiian cultivars are almost exclusively of the Guatemalan type, which likely wouldn’t work for my project, but if you happen upon any that seem more like the Mexican type (thinner skin, anise scent when you crush the leaves), then absolutely!

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I’m jealous. Getting that lunch from your backyard seems like paradise.

Is that an edulus flavicarpa passionfruit? Or a specific edulis variety? (or am i just completely guessing wrong and it’s another species? )

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Yes edulus flavacarpa. Large bright yellow. Sweet/tart pulp.

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Thanks to @oscar question I picked up a Jamaican lilikoi plant to add to my son’s collection. This orange variety is supposed to be sweeter than the yellow.

Then I HAD to pick up a vanilla orchid. Made a trellis cage filled with coco coir with a bottle drip top. Blooms for just one day and has to be hand pollinated - pretty sure that day will come and go without my son even noticing!

And another unique lunch: longan( brown) , rambutan (spiked red), abiu (round) , ice cream banana, and soursop ( big spiked). Haven’t tasted soursop yet but longan is really good!


Nice! The apple didn’t fall far from the tree! You raised him properly. Nice pics too and thanks for sharing.

I hope you have a great visit with your son. Do you think of moving there?

The temperature is sure inviting in Jan! For a PNWesterner, it’s fine if it’s cloudy and too hot if it’s sunny!
As you know. plenty to tend to at home starting now. Looking forward to spring, summer, fall experiments.