Bacterial Spot

Bad year for spot…i’ve never seen it this bad. My Tomcots had it …my donut peaches have some…and the Mericrest, while still looking nice has plenty of it. I’ve done some reading and it sounds like not much can be done. My guess is a lot of early rains didn’t help. We’ve had pretty consistent rainfall all summer.

odd that your photos doesn’t show any foliage infection warm. I thought it usually affected both?

Fruit is more susceptible than leaves, and nectarine fruits can be particularly susceptible. All of my nectarines get some spot.

Its also a bad spot year for me, along with being really bad for rot. I lost most of my Mericrest to rot this year.

Yup…not seeing much if any on leaves…maybe my Saturn has some. The rains have just been so consistent this year…no real long stretch of dryness. Its also been on the cool side.


Are you eating Mericrest yet (what you have left)? Mine still have done awesome. Other then the spot, the fruit are super clean…no oozing or anything.

Mine are all done. I had hardly any, it was a lot of eating around the rot. They also did not size up well.

I am trying out half a dozen new nectarines looking for a more reliable one than Mericrest. Its actually pretty good, it usually doesn’t rot/spot so badly. But it never sizes up well for me, maybe the heat slows it down or something. Today I had my first Summer Beaut, its looking to be a good one - much bigger and great taste. All of these new nectarines are sizing up well so at least that will not be a problem.

I have plum trees with shot holes on leaves and sunken, dried out black spots on some fruit which I’m guessing is bacterial spot but not sure. My nectarines have not suffered at all- only some J. plums. Are these symptoms consistent with any of your experiences? It hasn’t been terribly destructive to fruit although it would be a problem if I was selling it.

Late spring and first few weeks of summer were very rainy, but since the weather has been good for fruit in southern NY.


Too about the Mericrest…i had high hopes for it. I don’t need huge fruit, but i also don’t wait a big seed either. Hopefully mine will ripen here at some point. I have noticed they haven’t grown much lately. I’ll have to investigate Summer Beaut…although I really want a decent early (for here that means late July) nectarine…

Rob, it was bred in New Hampshire and it could be it just doesn’t like my hotter climate. Your fruits look a lot bigger than mine ever got, and I had them extremely widely spaced. So, it could be the best one for you, just not for me.

Check Copper and Zinc.

sorry to steal this thread, but its old and I didn’t want to start another one for a one-off question. Does this look like bacterial spot? This is on a newly planted Candy Heart Pluerry.

Close up on a couple of the leaves

The white stuff is probably my clumsy attempt to paint the bark

The tree is planted in a location where I removed a huge wild plum (?) trunk. I didn’t completely remove all the roots (it was way too huge) and I am wondering if the disease spread to this new tree.