Bad News on the Nadia Cherries

The reality of gardening is that birds, squirrels, opossums, roof rats and other pests will feast on the fruits of your labor especially if you’re the only one successfully growing fruits year round. More than half of my Nadia cherry plums were wasted by the birds alone. The most wasteful animal pests are the birds because they just eat a little bit from the fruits then it falls and they don’t go after the fallen fruits but proceed with a new one. Unlike squirrels and roof rats that use whole fruits, at least they don’t waste them, but the birds, they’re one of the worst pests to have around.

It’s sad that I won’t be able to take the Nadia Cherry on it’s whole journey till it falls down from the tree on its own so that I’ll know the peak flavor. I harvested the remaining ones as I know that the birds will just waste away all the Nadia fruits. For sure they love ir more than my cherries.

Next year, I will have to trap the birds! No more marshmallow heart! As a kid, I know how to efficiently trap birds.


Could I vote no for trapping birds?

Can you net your tree or net the section where your Nadia graft is? Birds damage my fruit, too. I just don’t have a heart to kill such a beautiful animal even cat birds which should have been on my hit list.


The whole tree is Nadia that I bought. I grafted abd maintain small branches of pollenizers on it. Netting I’ll never do.

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