Bagged a few Rubinette apples with a beard cover

Rubinette are loaded and just wanted some perfect apples without any bug bites.


Wgat kind of material it is? Are they the or similar to organza bags at all?

Polypropylene material. Breathable and tough. Not sure if the same with Organza bag.

@tonyOmahaz5 Could you do an update on how the beard covers work at the end of the season? I bagged with ziplock bags this afternoon but the beard covers look interesting.

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You guys are way ahead of me. My apple fruitlets are too small for bagging. I will re-use some my ziplock bags but the new ones lock better.

I asked about the material because organza bag material won’t protect against plum curculio or Oriental fruit moths. Ziplock plastic bags are perfect for apple bagging in my area where sun/heat does not usually cook apples in plastic bags.

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