Bagging apples for Coddling moth

Hello friends, I bagged my apples for coddling moth last year, with a success rate of perhaps 90 % worm free. I am bagging again this year, using the same bags, and noticed that maybe 10 % of the used bags have evidence of coddling moth worms - either an empty cocoon, or, more often, a cocoon with a dead small worm in it or simply the dead worm on the bag. They seem to be both inside and outside the bags, but have used the bags as protection, pulling the bag over the cocoon if they are on the outside. Anyone else had this happen? I am going to pay more attention to the bags this year. Thanks Peggy


I have spent the entire last three days bagging apples with used bags. I don’t recall seeing any cocoons or moth remains. I put out a milk jug trap with banana peel, one cup apple vinegar and one cup sugar and a couple cups of water. Cut a hole in side of jug. At a former home I used to catch huge numbers of moths, but only get a few here, maybe because the apples are bagged.


Pics would make your explanation clearer.

At this point, I don’t even know kind of bag you have used. There are several insects that attack apples. Coddling moth, plum curculio, oriental fruit moth, apple maggot fly, to name a few.

Ive not heard of this recipe… i have heard of great success with molasses.

Yes - I wish I had thought to get pictures. Just did not think of it. but I will keep a better eye on the bags this year and send pictures if there are any bugs. I am using small cotton bags about 4 inches by 5 inches, secured with a twist tie. They are sold for bagging fruit. I know what the coddling moth cocoon looks like as I have trapped many, and I am pretty sure that is what this is.