Baking with Asian Persimmons?

So I see myself either dehydrating or baking with the Asian Persimmons I hope to grow. The baking would be breads, like a sweet (banana) nut type. I am guessing the softer types would be better. Are
there any superior varieties or ones to avoid for either usage?

Given enough time to ripen they are all soft. For that the popular Jiro/Fuyu would be fine if it produces in your locale. I’d avoid the Giant Fuyu as it will get calix rot in western WA and OR.

Also, find a recipe for persimmon cookies using allspice. :slightly_smiling_face:


I cook pasta dishes with fuyu and it works great… similar to, and a good substitute for pumpkin with pasta.


My wife frequently bakes cakes with Hachiya persimmons mixed into the batter. Delicious.


Yum. A big thanks to Richard, SoCalMike and dabchappell! Looks like I will have to start buying some to try some new taste treats. I imagine making jam might work well too.

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