Bananas doing much better then I expected

Well these Pisang Ceylon banana plants are still doing well. Not bad for zone 5b!
Taken today Jan 11


I took mine out when the stem reached 12 inches diameter after 6 months. There were already 8 pups. I figured I better get rid of it while I still could. The leaves were 6ft long. I didn’t want that much shade covering up one corner of the greenhouse.

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They can grow into monsters based on the variety> I remember walking around the fruit and spice park in Homestead, FL years ago and being amazed at the size of those things in the right conditions. They really do give off that tropical look. The Olbrich Conservatory in Madison, Wi has at least one big banana and i know they get fruit off of it (because it had fruit on it the one time we were there)… Not sure the variety.


Absolutely love that place. Fond memories of my dad taking illicit cuttings back before hurricane andrew decimated the place. Visited a couple years ago (didn’t steal any cuttings!), and it’s just now finally getting back to its old self. Really one of those places everyone should visit at some point.

Yes they get huge in tropic climates in a matter of 6 months even.

Are you in the British Columbia? It would be tough to run a greenhouse in this climate unless one had a lot of money to heat it. Probably make more sense to grow under lights in a super insulated building.

Banana is nice but i am LOVING the variegated agave in back. What species is it?

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I came back to Ontario after a few weeks. It’s not as nice as everyone says LOL

It’s Agave desmettiana ‘Variegata’