Barbados Cherry (Acerola)

I finaly got 2 fruit to set with out falling. Unfortunatly my 1 year old managed to get to the plant he is quick.


Now I wait for my wife to get home so she can tell me how it taste compaired to home.


Not what I was expecting. Which was a tart flavorful berry, got a flavor which was not similar to Barbados cherry juice not bad either. Need a larger sample size.

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So this happened. I took my mini Barbados Cherry out side for the summer and by the evening the leaves where sunburned and papered out.

Ouch! I guess it’s a lesson learned, always transition plants before putting in direct sun.

It was the last of my topicals to go outside. Never seen leaves turn to paper nearly before my eyes. I am preaty sure the little guy will recover but I have move it to the sun porch till I see buds.

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You have to baby it now. It will take a while to bounce back.